Review: Shielding Lily

Shielding Lily
Shielding Lily by Alexa Riley

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Guilty Pleasure stars

If I think about it rationally, I should hate this book. Seriously, the amount of ridiculousness in it (not the LOL kind, but the WTF) was sky high. Yet, I loved it. Hence the “guilty pleasure”.

So, Lily is this sweet, frail girl whose father beats her while she’s is trying to wade anonymously through high school to be able to save some money and move out to go to college. What she hasn’t planned is Ren. He’s depicted by other people as this asocial football star, who we learn has no real passion in life. Until he meets Lily.

This was the most insta-love-lust-everything I’ve ever read. I’m surprised he didn’t ask her to marry him the first time he saw her. It was that instant.

Anyway, he takes it upon himself to show her around school, buy her food, do her biddings, whatever, just to be with her. At the end of the day, he’s already sure she’ll be the mother of his babies. And it’s a good thing this was set in high school, because in any other setting it would have been weird for a guy to behave the way Ren did. Hell, it was weird here too, but still… teenagers are known to go a little OTT with these things. Also, in real life, if a guy held my hand/touched my hair upon meeting me, I would knee him in the family jewels and run for the hills.

After 24 hours, they’re boyfriend and girlfriend. Bam. Just like that. I guess if you want to enjoy this book, you ought to have a very open mind. As in, embrace the ridiculous parts and enjoy the diabete-sweet journey.

Ren was probably the dream-teen-boyfriend. Caring to a fault, possessive as all hell, sweet and hot. Their first time was really endearing and in general this book surprised me with the level of scorching-hotness. Not something I was expecting, but it did indeed give the story something more than just a candy-injection.

If I had to judge only on the enjoyment alone I should give it five stars, but there were too many shortcoming and sometimes childish slips to warrant the full rating. We have evil cheerleaders, jerkish jocks, Lily is kind of a cardboard characters herself, either being a frail little flower or a nymphomaniac, and Ren is so flawless it hurts. Lily’s father is dealt with using violence as if it were some western movie where punches solve anything. And here the guilty pleasure resurfaces again. I mean, how many times I’ve read novels where even the evil person was redeemable in the end? Where enemies get understood and evil bitches are treated with some kind of insight? Lots of times, because life is complex. Well, this book was the simplified version of life, where if you punch a guy in the muzzle and tell him to not show up again, he will. Where people still have hearts in their eyes after years of marriage gone without a single fight. Well, I call bullshit, but still, it’s good to dream for one afternoon.

It also reminded me a bit of a mix between My Life Next Door and More Than Forever. Ren reminded me a lot of Cam, in “More than Forever”, for the way he provides for Lily and his “Forever” kind of love.

I would recommend it to people who are in need of a sweet overdose, who do not care about structure or timing (getting married after months of dating at eighteen? And parents telling you it’s okay to live with your girlfriend or punching people? Yeah… right) or that are not bothered by a H that would do everything for the h, maybe even chew her food first so that she won’t hurt her gums. That’s the level of obsession/tenderness.

Even though I have mixed feelings, I have to admit I really enjoyed it. It’s like some of my naive teenage fantasies came true. Not sure how I feel about them now, but it’s a short read so it’s not like you’ll get stuck with it for days. Oh, and nice touch the multiple epilogues. It was rather fitting with their “meant to be together forever kind” of love.

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