Review: Idol

Idol by Kristen Callihan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 “Rock” Stars

Callihan never disappoints. Her style is so flawlessly smooth, her characters so rounded and likable, and the interaction between them always priceless, realistic and fun.

I loved the band’s backstory. I loved how we are eased into their world gradually. I loved how Killian starts off as a lawn bum. And I even loved how Liberty got a bit starstruck when she found out who he is (I call bullshit on all those characters that are oh-so nonchalant even if until that moment they had been the band’s number one fans).

It was a highly enjoyable read the story of Liberty Bell, a hermit living in Nowhereville, who literally stumbles upon the wildest journey of her life when she meets Killian James, rock star of the biggest band in the world, and also currently lost soul.

I believe what truly made this book so great were Libby and Killian’s interactions, with a powerful stress on the Killian part. He’s the epitome of easy-going, confident, yet endearing. Too many times I’ve read of so-described easy-going heroes that were nothing short of arrogant assholes. Well, Killian doesn’t belong in their ranks. He is an actually sweet guy, and that doesn’t take anything away from his innate hotness (some of the steamy scenes in the book were outragiously so, and the sexual tension between the two characters was off the charts. Besides, there’s a certain scenes regarding haircuts that reminded me of another all-time favorite “ Archer’s Voice“. For all of you that read it, you know what I’m talking about).

This book is mainly divided in two sections, as I see it. Callihan here pulled a very bold move, because the first half of the book is only about Killian and Libby. Needless to say, it was my favorite part. They start as friends and slowly slip into more. There’s no insta-love or insta-lust, but sure the feels grow fast and I adored the way Callihan managed to portray both the naturality of it, talking about everyday actions and small gestures, and the power behind those feelings.

When you read Idol, you truly have the sensation of reading some kind of epic love story. The kind of romance when you just know the characters were born to be together and that every step in their path had to lead them there, in the arms of the other.

In the second half, we see Liberty and Killian touring and are introduced to the band. Honestly, I can’t wait to read about them all: troubled asshole-ish Jax, womanizer-with-a-crush Rye, mysterious-smartass-sweet Whip and a certain Mr. Scott that melted my heart with his coldness and icy eyes Brrrrr.

I’m not going to spoiler anything, but I will admit to one flaw. For the whole book, Killian and Libby seemed unbreakable, no matter what. But in the end, they stop communicating when shit hits the fan and the subsequent events didn’t really hold that powerfull of an emotional punch since it didn’t feel like what they had to overcome was some insourmountable obstacle.

Another thing I think Callihan is worth worshipping for is that in all of her books (at least those I’ve read) she makes references to actors, models, you know, well-known celebrities when it comes to describing characters or even single physical attributes (like Channing Tatum’s hair). And even if I like imagining my characters the way my brain tells me to, I love that she gives her readers this clear picture. Besides, seriously, David Gandy. She has good taste too.

In the end, this book is definitely worth reading, and if you’re worried that Rock Stars equal drugs, cheating and that whole ugly lot that for some of us can be a hard pill to swallow, worrieth not. This book is about mature people who may make mistakes, but not of the 80s kind.

Sooooo, I’ll leave you with a little tidbit to demonstrate how good their dynamics’ were:

“You’re not gonna make me walk all that way, are you, Libby?” he’d said with that lopsided smile of his, the one that causes little crinkles to form at the corners of his dark eyes. “It’s got to be, what? At least a mile. Maybe two.”
“You’re a fit young man. You’ll survive.”
“I’m new to the area. I could get lost. Next thing you know, I’m half-starved, and in my weakened condition, I could be eaten by wild, rabid bunnies.”
“Bunnies?” I hadn’t wanted to laugh but did anyway. “Of all the animals, you go with bunnies?”
“Have you ever looked in a bunny’s eyes, Libs? They’re just waiting for their chance to dominate. Why do you think they’re always so twitchy?”
“Because they’re freaked something’s going to eat them for dinner?”
“Nope. They’re plotting. It’s just a matter of time before they make their move. Mark my words.”

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