Review: Pyromancist

Pyromancist by Charmaine Pauls

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

ARC kindly offered by the author in exchange for an honest review

Another great book of a series I’m quickly becoming addicted to.

I believe the true star of this book to be Josselin. His character is complex, endearing and impulsive. He’s a tortured soul who doesn’t think he’s worthy of Clelia’s love. Clelia herself is a nice character, but in the end I got a little tired of her. I was expecting a bit more growth on her part, for her to show her claws so to speak. Anyway, those two have real chemistry and their scenes were either super tender or super-hot. Clelia is Josselin’s angel, his means for redemption. And Josselin… he’s been the love of her life since she can remember. It was sweet how they both idealized the other. It sprinkled ad aura of epicness to their love. Also, the fact that they had a past (not in a second chance way, but in a pure, I’ve watched you from afar one) helped with the sweetness of it all.

The plot was slower to unfurl than “Loving the Enemy”‘s and not so action-packed. With other characters it wouldn’t have turned out so good, but with Josselin and Clelia the focus on the romance was a winning choice. Also, we get to finally meet Lupien. The plot twist in the end wasn’t that surprising like it had been in the first book, but I repeat, the focus here was on the two MC’s.

At first I got worried because it started rather slowly, not really in medias res. But then it captivated me and I loved every second of it. Their first meeting was exeptionally powerful. It showed Clelia’s compassion and Josselin’s desperation. It already bound them together in an unbreakable connection.

Also, I loved how Josselin accepted his feelings for her, how vulnerable she made him. Anyway, he was also very possessive. Maybe a little too much? I don’t know. It suited his character perfectly. Sometimes his protectiveness, possessiveness and temper reminded me of Ward’s BDB vampires. But with a little less gruesome and a whole lot more class.

The only flaw is perhaps the last part, a little too cheesy. Probably because of Clelia’s meek personality. With her always being so polite, at times it felt like Josselin was the only one making decision for the couple while she just tagged along.

In conclusion, this book was a great first installment to an equally outstanding prequel. The romance was well-constructed and had all the elements to keep the book fast-paced while still sporting good balance. Josselin’s character will bewitch you with its raw intensity and tender care. And Paul’s style will give you the coup the grace. There’s something poetic about the way she composes her sentences, about her metaphores and thoughts. Sometimes, dialogues seemed to come from an ancient past, speaking words of pure love, of redeeming angels, of burning passion.

Now I can’t wait to get my hands on Lann. Err… Lann’s book, I meant. 😉

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