Review: Archer’s Voice

Archer's Voice
Archer’s Voice by Mia Sheridan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book has vacationed on my “To be read” shelf for ages now and it’s one of those books that, once you read it, you chastise yourself ten ways to Sunday for not picking it up sooner.

Sheridan’s style, even without being out-of-the-park amazing, is the kind that gives stories this sense of quiet wonder, of ordinary magic, which had me spell-bound to every single sentence.

Both main characters are rare flowers in a meadow dotted with the colorful, controversial atmosphere of a little town. I particularly loved to see their love story proceed with small, consistent steps, and with consistent I mean meaningful. Honestly, it’s hard to find a book that has it all, but this truly does. Archer’s voice is a sweet, heart-warming/wrenching, romantic, hot narration of hope and rebirth. Of the underdog and not just his rise, but his struggle. And even if Archer is the true star, the reason my eyes watered and my chin quivered, Bree’s strength and unwavering faith in him were equally beautifully presented. Her tact and gentleness touched places in my heart.

Also, the plot was complicated enough that there was never a down moment, never a “meh” moment. Every event was carefully placed as if carved from a marble block in the exact space that would guarantee the perfect artwork in the end. Also the flashbacks were well-timed and not too page consuming, prickling my interest without leaving me much space for mind-wandering.

In conclusion, Archer’s Voice is in my opinion a masterpiece. It’s one of these books that leave an imprint inside of the reader that not even time can fade. There is just this… intimate beauty in their story and in their desperation at times that makes Mia Sheridan a true writer, able of tearing down the walls that separate author and reader.

Also, it got me interested in the world of ASL, curiousity that got me trying to learn it. So, I guess I owe Sheridan an ulterior thank you for this addition to my knowledge, too.

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