Review: This is War, Baby

This is War, Baby
This is War, Baby by K. Webster

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Usually, as soon as I finish a book, I write its review. I hate to wait because I feel like I’m losing the impulse. I want everything to be fresh in my mind, every meaningful sentence, every character’s personality.

Still, I couldn’t bring myself to write “This is War, Baby”‘s review. Why?
Because sometimes you stumble upon a book that is so crazy beautiful that it makes you doubt your ability to even make it justice.

So how do I describe something so fuck-up yet so sublime? I mean, it was twisted and dark, that’s for sure. But it was also pure, and fragile and… brutal in the end.

“This is War, Baby” is the story of Baylee, a beautiful, yet normal seventeen years old girl, who goes through a journey of darkness only to get confronted with the purest of lights.

Cryptic, huh? I’m trying not to spoiler here, but it’s hard.

Truth is, the real jem in this book, the deal-maker, the why this should be awarded 6 and plus stars, is War. Admittedly, when I first read some reviews, I thought he’d be one brutal motherfucker, in line with the rest of the story. Instead, War is like a peaceful oasis in a sea of blood. Sure, he’s plagued by his own demons and Baylee herself compares him more to a stormy sea than a oasis, but I adored his and Baylee’s interaction. Baylee showed a great maturity when dealing with him and War, with his vulnerability, with his quiet beauty, his contradictions, his desires and his inner dragons, he was just perfect.

He’s different from any character I’ve ever seen. He’s not your normal hero, not quite. He’s just War, and believe me when I say that it is a thousand times better. Also, throughout almost all the book we don’t know what caused him to become… what he is now. It’s a slow revelation that will leave you shocked and maybe a little grossed out. But it all fit perfectly and made me love him even more. I think I fell for him at the first sentence he spoke, or maybe even before. This book is told by more than two points of view and it’s devided in sections. Of course War’s section was the best of all and I loved how his “nature” was so transparent and well-depicted through his thoughts. It was cute and endearing with a side of pure interesting.

I’ve hardly read of a more perfectly imperfect couple. Baylee and War are two people who I would have never thought of putting together, so different, so distant. Instead, they fall in love in such a beautiful, natural way that had me in tears.

This story was just that: beautiful and moving. But also very fast-paced and dark. It was pitch black and crude, and gross at times. A little far-fetched? Hell yeah! But Webster does a wonderful job at making it seem so real.

The only minuscule flaw I found was how Baylee was worshipped by every man in the book as some sort of angel, or goddess. She is indeed goodlooking she proves to be a great human being, too, strong yet caring. Still, the way every man sees in her a flower of purity and salvation got my nose twitching in suspicion a bit. It took away a bit of realism.

Still, it was hands down the best book of the year so far. And given the damn cliffhanger, now I’m dying to know how things will work out.

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