Review: Turbulence

turbulenceTurbulence by Whitney G.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I started this book and fell hopelessly in love with Jake. His snark, his being such an apologetic asshole and grammar nazi. A few examples:

“[…] You have almost twenty years of experience, if I count your high school aviation achievements, and you’re only weeks away from turning thirty-eight.”
I blinked.
“Are you going to say anything about what I just mentioned, Mr. Weston?”
“I was waiting for the question. There’s usually some inflection in your voice when you ask one. You only stated a list of facts.”

“Thank you.” She [the same interviewer] let out a breath. “Last question in that set. On a scale of one to ten, how close are you to your wife?”
“Ex-wife.” I corrected her again. “She shouldn’t be included in any files related to me, but she’s ranked right between my father and brother for a negative seventy.”
“Well, enlighten me, please.” She looked up and scratched her head. “In the event of something unfortunate happening to you, who would you like us to call first?”
“A funeral home.”

Then we also meet Gillian. From the beginning we understand there’s something that happened in her past which has upturned her life, but it stays a mystery for the greatest part of the book. What we do know about her is that she’s never been enough for her family’s standards and that she’s working as a flight attendant after being fired because of the “mysterious thing” aforementioned. To cut things short, after dumping her ass of a boyfriend, she decides to indulge into a one-night-stand.

This is how everything started and usually what I’d be expecting from such a blurb is: boy meets girl, they agree on nothing too serious, then they develop feelings, issues starts, get resolved and… HEA. How wrong was I!!!

Truth is, when I was halfway through, I discovered that the author was the same of Sincerely, Carter, a book which I’d never been too fond of because of its major drama. That’s when my first red flag went off.

Don’t get me wrong, this books was seriously good, amazingly written, with great steamy scenes and enough originality between the alternating voices, the emails exchanges, the progression of their relationship. But… but I’m not an angst lover, which is the reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars. I truly loved Jake but it you count the percentage pages in which both he and Gillian are happy with each other, you’re lucky to find a 5%.

“Turbulence” is a highly emotional, hot, read that focuses a lot on the physical stuff and not enough, IMO, on the deeper aspects such as their feelings. We get glimpses of something more significant brewing under the surface but Jake does one step forward and two backwards when it comes to relationship-related matters.

Anyway, to give a little order, let’s dissect this book, shall we?

The Characters:

: As I already stated, I loved him. I fell for him so hard in that first interview I was ready to bump him up in the book-boyfriends list. Still, what I look into a book-boyfriend is someone who’s a complete asshole to everyone but the heroine. Sure, at first a little assholish-ness is not misplaced…

“Congratulations again, Ryan,” I said. “You’ve killed everyone again, but at least this time you crashed on the ground, so all of us will get to have our body parts in our caskets.”


“It’s four thirty,” I said. “You have my attention until four thirty-four.”
“Four thirty-four?” He smiled.  “Zero plus five is five isn’t it?”
“I’m deducting a minute for that terrible ass suit you’re wearing. My eyes can only take so much in one day.”

But he kept treating Gillian like a hookup for so long I eventually started to resent him. He made no secret of needing her, but it was always about needing her “pussy”, not the woman. And also, his continuous trying to block her out of any personal conversation dragged for too long. I get where he was coming from and I ached for him, but most of the time it was like he was being an asshole purposefully, not just out of habit. Not like he enjoyed hurting her, more like he didn’t care if what he said or did hurt Gillian. Thus why he ended up in my missed-book-boyfriend.

Leaning forward, I flipped through the binders on the edge of her desk, thumbing through the thick pages. I lifted the file baskets and the notebooks, setting them down when I saw nothing underneath.
Still ignoring the sound of her voice, I stood up and walked over to the wall of taped airline policies. I stood in front of the one that announced the ‘100% No Employee-Fraternization’ rule and grabbed the paper’s edges. I slowly peeled it from the wall, glancing at the drywall behind it.
I put it back and checked behind another policy, then another. I was checking the wall behind the fourth one when I heard the sound of her heels clacking closer to me.
“Mr. Weston?” She waited for me to turn around, finally stopping her long-ass spiel. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”
“I’m searching for the point of this conversation, since it’s clearly not going to fall out of your mouth anytime soon.”

And you wonder why I love him?

“You know…” He sighed, crossing his arms. “If it weren’t for a certain mark of honor on your profile, I would’ve had you fired weeks ago, when you allegedly told an entire group of passengers to ‘Get the fuck off my plane’ when you thought they were taking too long to disembark.
“That wasn’t allegedly. The clip is on YouTube.”

: at first I truly thought she was a cool chick, breaking up with her long-time boyfriend because he was an ass, working two jobs not to rely on her parents. She was highly relatable until almost the very end. I mean, I sided with her 90% of the time instead of with Jake when they fought, but after their umpteenth fight and her going back to him, I started to change my mind about them, eventually coming to hate her after the final plot twist. As with Jake, I understood where she was coming from and I can’t say I would have acted differently, but I didn’t need any more drama at that point, instead it was a drama-llama-feast.

The Plot:

I have to give Kudos to Whitney G. for coming up with something so clever. There were so many little clues disseminated throughout the book about both Gillian and Jake’s pasts. It was wonderful to uncover them piece by piece. Plus, all the thrills created by the mysterious commenter, the secret relationship, Jake’s family and Gillian’s muddy career made for an original read. The ending felt like something out of Inception. I was reading the book about the same book.

The Pace:
It was really fast paced, with always something going on and all in all, it was such an emotional roller coaster there wasn’t a second when I wasn’t invested in the narration. This was the good part. The bad one is that by the end, because of things that happen in the plot, we don’t see them much together. The ending too was too rushed IMO, and we’re not given an epilogue. After having my heart bashed for the majority of the book, I wanted something more than that.

In conclusion, I would recommend it to angst-lovers most of all. Anyway, it was a hot (Jake is one hell of a dirty-talker and let’s just say his are not just words), it was forbidden and thrilling, it held my interest not only because of the romance but also thanks to the clever plot and interesting characters. I didn’t love it due to personal preferences, but I seriously enjoyed the banter and the wonderful style.

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