Review: Dissident

Dissident by Cecilia London

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.0 stars

I’m not a fan of politics, but I liked the frame it created.

Honestly, this book was unexpected. It hooked me in from the very first page, because dayum, it was the definition of “in medias res”. I also liked how Jack and Caroline’s love story progressed, especially given her background.

Something I found peculiar were their conversations. This books has lots of dialogues compared to the “thoughts” or “inner monologues” parts and I couldn’t not appreciate it. The two MC discuss lots of things and it gave them a solid base as a couple.

As for hotness level, after a few disturbing fade-to-black, the steam picked up and it was highly sensual and well-done.

Did I love all of it? Not necessarily. I found myself skimming the short chapters regarding another POV that takes place in a kind of future, so to speak, and at times I felt like there wasn’t enough character development. Jack seems to have not an issue in the world and as a couple they don’t have much going against them. It was really low on the drama, until the very end, which terminated in a fucking cliffy.

Still, the next book is already out so I’ll make sure to keep reading, even if maybe in a while because as I said, it was quite a nice read, original (given the politics setting, the almost dystopian premise, Jack being an older man, and their interactions which were so different from anything I’ve ever read), but I also wasn’t spellbound 100% throughout the narration.

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