Review: Sugar Daddy

Sugar Daddy
Sugar Daddy by Sawyer Bennett

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sugar Daddy was not what I was expecting. From the blurb, I gathered it would be a little more action-packed, with continuous twists and adrenaline always spiking. Truth is, this book was more inner-world focused.

That being said, Bennett’s style is enjoyable and her characters do have depth. Of course, expecting a vindictive, unwavering heroine and finding out that Sela was… more human, so to speak, threw me off a bit. But honestly, I liked her and Beck. I liked how they were both unprepared for the other, yet they accepted their feelings naturally.

Their journey was not devoid of strong emotions and setbacks, but I could easily see them together.

I guess this book could have easily been a 4 stars, but because of personal preferences regarding “long-kept secrets” and the brutal cliffhanger, I had to keep it to three.

Anyway, I will definitely give the second book a ride, because the story is gripping and fast-paced.

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