Review: The Friend Zone

The Friend Zone
The Friend Zone by Kristen Callihan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 “Talk Math to me.” Stars

Did I get your attention? Yes? Perfect.

Because this book… how do I put it in a way that will make it justice? How about I frigging loved every syllable of it. It was that good.

Okay, first things first. I was a bit wary at the beginning because “The Hook up”, first book in the series hadn’t left me all that dazzled or fuzzy or anything, if not a little pissed. But then Gray strolled into my life and damn! I think I found myself a new fictional boyfriend to add to the collection.

This book was good. No, it was beyond good. Like a greasy cheeseburger after a week of diet good. You know what I mean. His character has it all. Witty, smart, funny, gorgeous, extremely tall. Yeah, I’m into tall boys. Sue me. And, sugar on top, he’s like the sweetest guy on the planet. Not to talk about his equation tattoo and amicable numbers. Am I the only one thinking math and science is sexy as hell?

Then there’s Ivy. Great heroine right there.

But I think what really made the difference here was the friends first, slow build up and then relationship and more in the end. It was the whole deal, from the beginning to, well, not the end. But I loved how we got to see their story evolve through so many stages.

So yeah, great characters, amazing banter, FANTASTIC communication. If there’s something I despise in both books and real life is how sometimes communication is dismissed. But here we have Gray and Ivy discussing issues and deep things. And then there was the whole “sexual fantasy” thing. Yep, I’m still drooling over Stranger Gray.

In pure Callihan’s fashion, the last 30% of the book is riddled with different issues and the one here had me crumpled on the floor like a poor sap.

Also in full Callihan’s fashion, the amazing epilogue.

Girls and guys, read it. She will have you at “Shenanigans”

Single flaw: I got from the acknowledgments or something that Callihan and Kennedy (Author of “The Deal” and “The Mistake”) are friends. But naming each other characters in books as if they came from the same world or something did weird things to my mind. Like I wasn’t sure anymore whose book I was reading.

Also, strange thing here, I loved Kennedy’s first book “The Deal”. It was a sweet friends to lovers romance and hated her second: hook up to deeper feelings with lots of gloom. Callihan instead did the reverse path. I didn’t particularly fancy her first novel of the series, which was a hook up turning into relationship and am head over heels over Gray and Ivy’s story, a besties turned lovers.

It’s like the two of them swapped ideas. I’d say Callihan got the upper hand out of it.

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