Review: Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush by Sawyer Bennett

Sugar Rush (Sugar Bowl, #2)
by Sawyer Bennett (Goodreads Author)

4 Revenge Sweet Revenge stars

This review may contain mild SPOILERS. I’ll try to keep it as spoiler-free as possible, but if you haven’t read the first book, then you should probably stop here.

Still with me?
U sure that’s what you want? All right.
Wow, okay, you’re either a masochist or have read the first book. Now the hot potato is not in my hands anymore. Let’s begin, shall we?

“I have an avenging angel on my side now, and together we can rid JT from our existence

I think this sentence to perfectly sum up the entire book. Sugar Daddy ends off with a banging cliffhanger and Sugar Rush starts right off where we’d been left, heartbroken and mad as all hell at Beck.

What I adored since the beginning is that Beck understood his fault immediately and bashed himself twenty ways to Sunday over how much he’d hurt Sela by not believing her confession. Good boy.

From that moment on, they start planning JT’s demise, but not in the violent way Sela had hoped for him at the beginning of book one. First of all, they need to extract him from the Sugar Bowl.
They’re lucky the bastard is involved in some shady affairs, so after a sweet vacay in Vien and some plotting, they manage to get all the cogwheels in place and turning, until… life gets in the way. Or, more fittingly, a fucking rapist gets in the way and… another shocking cliffhanger.

So, after this short recap, let’s dissect it a bit more.

I liked it better than the first because this time Beck and Sera are together in every sense of the word. They are a team. No more secrets, no more holding back, and it was a great turn for me since I hate it when secrets pend over a couple, threatening to tear them apart. Kudos for that.

The characters: I loved Beck, how protective he was of Sela after she confessed her past to him. And I especially adored him when he planned for a back-up plan in case things didn’t work out. The lengths he was willing to go for her endeared him to me. For what regards Sela, she was IMO less present, mentally. Beck was the one living the struggle, while I felt like she was tagging along for the ride. He was the one doing most of the plotting and then updating her. Considering how she’s never blown me away as a character, I didn’t see it as something negative.

“Finding a woman who completes you,” I continue as I pin him with a fervent look. “A woman that you would do anything for. Defend to the end. Be her knight in shining armor. Make all her worries and hurts go away, no matter the cost.”

The pace was fast and after they’re done with their conversation about her past, almost one third of the book was over. The last part kind of dragged, instead, and I got bored after the third or fourth time they comforted the other about the plan or revealed it to other people. It smelled like page-fillers and got me scrunching up my nose.

The style is as usual very, very good and I guess what really sets Bennett apart from other authors is the hotness of her sex scenes. They are beyond steamy and always functional to the plot or to the couple’s development.

I would definitely recommend it and am looking forward to starting Sugar Free, the last instalment in this gripping trilogy about trauma, the healing power of love, suspense, mystery and heart-bursting cliffhangers.


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