Review: #Rev


#Rev (GearShark, #2)
by Cambria Hebert (Goodreads Author)





Cambria Hebert never disappoints. What is it about her that glues my nose to the paper (er… screen)? Oh, yes, I know. She has this phenomenal style that treats love like the treasure it is.But let’s get to the book at hand. Trent and Drew’s story, part 2. As the author states in the acknowledgments, this installment is mostly focused on their story and less on the racing. Not being that big of a fan of racing, I couldn’t have been happier, especially since their relationship really had time to grow and strengthen. I believe what I liked the most was how they never wavered. Okay, maybe at the beginning, but if you read this book (which you should totally do!), you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Drew and Trent’s love is all encompassing, unyielding, inspiring.

In “#Rev”, Trent’s strength is revealed, along with his wisdom, and his surname, Mask, could not have been more apropos. We truly see the man behind the mask.

The plot doesn’t have major twists, but I loved how the theme of homophobia was treated and dealt with, with humanity, in all its bittersweet facets. Also, we get to see a bit more of the whole gang, which is always nice.

All in all, Trent and Drew are one of my favorite couples, only preceded by Romeo and Rimmel, because… Romeo. Anyway, this novel is one of those inspiring ones you wish the whole world would read. Not just for the amazing characters, but for the emotions it conveys, for the perspective it gives you.

It goes without saying, whether you’re already a fan of miss Hebert or you’ve never heard of her, you should give the #Gearshark series (as well as the whole Hashtag series) a shot. You’ll not regret it. The only thing I would have appreciated is the hope for another book about the two of them. True, their story is kind of concluded, but that’s what happens when you find characters that steal your heart: you want to kidnap them and keep them in your basement for years to come.

I’ll sure keep reading this series, and am super interested in knowing more about this revolution Trent has initiated.

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