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Revved by Samantha Towle
Revved (Revved, #1)
by Samantha Towle (Goodreads Author)

3.5 Formula 1 Stars.

Revved… what a rollercoaster. I still don’t know if I liked it or not. Definitely, I didn’t love it.
I’m sorry to say that because I truly believe this book had a huge potential and I love Towle’s style nonetheless. She always manages to create such interesting scenarios.

I believe that in the end how I feel for this book is exactly what I felt for “The Mighty Storm”.
Characters: Amazing.
Plot: we’ll talk about it later.
Fun: yeah. Not tons, but it was enjoyable.
Style: really good. Great dialogues and good descripions of feelings. Towle has a way to make you feel exactly how her characters are feeling.
Pace: fast.
Angst: LOTS
Ending:(view spoiler)[happy. Fortunately longer thant TMS’s one. (hide spoiler)]

Now, let’s go over the plot.
I believe it to be one of the main flaws of this book. First, what I love about Towle’s books is that they have lots of scenarios. In every book, we get to travel the world. The atmosphere of every place leaves a mark on the chapters, like a taste in your mouth. This book spanned from Kuala Lumppur to England, to Sao Paulo, to Monaco. Every place had its soul and its colors. It also helps when you want to remember when something happened. Instead of a timeline, you have a map.
Anyway, the main issue I had with this novel was the constant push and pull of the main characters.
If in TMS we see Tru being torn between Will and Jake, here we don’t have a tringle. We have, though, a heroine who is a complete wreck when it comes to making decisions. Especially when it comes to sticking to said decisions.

Andressa’s character was a good one and her being a female mechanic was just the cherry on top of the cake. But her insecurities and wishy-washy mood got on my nerves since the very beginning.
For like, 2/3 of the story, Andi and Carrick are hurting each other, making the other jealous, running away or ignoring each other.
It gets exausting after a while. Around the middle of it I just wanted to scream bloody murder, take them in my hands and plaster them together like some Barbie and Ken. Like… fucking talk to each other!

I so loved the first part of the novel when they got to know each other and I was silently thanking the muses for inspiring Towle an healthy relationship full of funny quips and mature people. Guess it was too early to talk.

Spoilers ahead.

Carrick and Andi kiss and do the nasty right away. And she leaves because she thinks it was only a one night stand for him. And it doesn’t matter how clear it is to everyone that that was so not the case: Andi stays your typical clueless heroine.

This push and pull goes on until only the last third of the book is left and I was still willing to give this book five starts out of respect for the style and the good dialogues. But then they do it again and again she leaves him.

Andi has made a rules of hers to never get involved with drivers. This is no major spoiler since it’s explained since the beggining, anyway the fact is her dad died in a race and she doesn’t want to go through that kind of loss again. Carrick instead has issues with rejection, with his mother fleeing when he was just a kid.

Going back to the main point, after a little more hurting, they finally try to be just friends but not even ten pages later, what happens? They get it on like rabbits. Wow, way to change the pattern.
This time, though, things look serious.

Since there was still a decent amount of pages to the end, about this time I was clapping my hands in excitement, so ready for the happy part. The definitely overdue happy part, may I say.

So foolish of me. Because after very little happy, Andi’s panick attacks catch up with her and she leaves. Again.
I’m gonna repeat it. She. Leaves. Him. Again.
And I’m gonna add. She. Effin’. Leaves. The. Guy. With. Rejection. Issues. Again.

Now, she does it not to hurt him further down the way but seriously girl! How many times can you hurt one man in the same way and think you’re doing this for him?

Approximately here starts the moping part, which was horrenduously similar to the end of TMS, when Tru is sulking at her house, lonely and unconsolable, trying to get over Jake.
Eventually, the Deus Ex Machina a.k.a. Carrick’s Dad comes to the rescue, Andi puts on her grown-up knickers and… she and Carrick go at it. Again.

Seriously people, ever heard of the word “talking”? This is one of the things that got me pretty riled up, because at the beginning of the book when they were just friends they talked. A lot. And it was fun to read. It was interesting. But the more intimate they became, the more their conversations dwindled.

The ending was fine, sweet and everything. Still, after everything she’d put him through, Carrick welcoming her back in his life without the blink of an eye felt too make-believe.
The epilogue is narrated from Carrick’s POV. It was cool.

So, my final word about this book is:
It started as a great read, but then if turned out too boring and too angst-filled for me. I wouldn’t reccomand it if you’re looking for something to lift you up because most of the time Andi is hurting and torn up about something. That being said, I’m happy I got my hands on this one. The races, the karting, the cars. It was a new world for me and, as usual, Towle’s style pulls you right in and never lets go. I just wish she would nurse her character’s hearts with a little bit more mercy.


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