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The Strongest Steel by Scarlett Cole
The Strongest Steel (Second Circle Tattoos, #1)
by Scarlett Cole (Goodreads Author)


4 Amor condusse noi ad una morte stars

Harper Connelly is a scarred woman. Literally and figuratively. When she goes to a tattoo artist specialized in covering scars, she may start an emotional journey she’s not ready to embark in.

I really liked how empowering this story was. Harper may start off as a scaredy cat (she’s got every right to be), but as the story progresses you can see her become stronger and more fearless.

Trent was also another great character. He reminded me at time of Cam from “Wait for you.” He’s the easy-going, funny, sweet guy with bad boy looks and a protective streak. I loved their interactions and how he was always so considerate when it came to her issues. So many authors use past traumas like the one the heroine has been subjected only as a mean to justify her weakness or her skittish behavior, but here Harper’s past soaked her every thought. Even in the end, she’s not 100% okay, but she’s made amazing steps forward.

The plot was a bit slow at first and it mainly focused on their relationship. On the other hand, the threat in the background grew in intensity and it made me actually quite scared for them because even if the villain was clear from the beginning, you didn’t know when he would strike. For the whole second part of the book, I was like: “Here it’s when the shit is gonna hit the fan”. And each and every time, it didn’t happen. I would relax and then, again… “Here is when…” You got what I’m saying. So yes, the suspense was good.

What more to say? Cole did a truly brilliant work with the side-characters. Normally, it takes me more than a book for them to grow on me, but the strained relationship between Drea and Cujo promised fireworks for the next book in the series, and I’d definitely would like to see if Pixie and Dred are gonna end up together.

Also, I appreciated their stance on tattoos, seen as an art and a respectable profession. Also, there were lots of tiny details about the tattoos-world that in other books did never come up, like the pain after or the cream you need to put on after each session, or how there are different tools, like the shader. Not having any tattoos and not running those circles, I had no clues about that world. It was a pleasant discovery.

All in all, really likable characters, amazing side-characters, nice plot. Why didn’t I give it 5 stars? At the beginning it dragged a little and in general this novel didn’t blow me away. Still, I would highly recommend it, especially because of the low dose of angst (Trent is one patient man!!!)

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