Review: Blood Kiss

Blood Kiss by J.R. Ward



I’ve been waiting for this book for a while now, ever since Ward announced she would go back to the BDB origins with a little more lovin’ and a lot less plottin’. We also get to see a bit of Vishous and Lassiter (That angel is the shit!). Oh, and a lil bit of Rhage too, but nothing to get your knickers in a twist, or on the floor. Personally, I missed my other favorites Wrath and Zsadist, but I understand it’s hard to squeeze them all together in one book. Hope the next in the legacy series features them a bit more.

What to say? It was a highly enjoyable book. I loved Paradise’s character. Her love story reminded me a lot of Marissa and Butch’s. The similarities were patent, given her and Creag social differency. However, I liked Paradise way more than did Marissa. She had this attitude, this fire in her, that made her such a likable character.

Then there’s Creag. I particurarly loved how Paradise described him as not canonically handsome, stating that to others he’d never be a heart-stopper, but that to her… it was a different matter. Besides that, his pushing her away kind of got old after a while and I would have liked a little more bonding between them.

I think the part that really excited me the most was the “first test.” Couldn’t shrug away the “Divergent” slash “Hunger Games” vibe, but it was still good because when Ward writes something you can be assured she will make it original and refreshing.

Eventually, to the side story. I will admit at liking Butch and Marissa’s plot and relationship here way more than I did in their first book. I liked their main issue, with Butch putting her on a pedestal and all that comes from that. But in the end, I would have liked for them to… explore their newfound intimacy a little more. I couldn’t really ‘feel’ the issue, this distance they were talking about. Anyway, It was good to see them together.

All in all, I would reccomend it to BDB’s fans and to all Paranormal Romance’s fan. It wasn’t overly steamy, probably because the two couples present in the story aren’t the hottest in the series. It was more of a sweet thing, even though that first scene in the training center with Paradise and Creag was definitely worth the fogged up mirror. Maybe even more than the actual deed itself.

One little last thing, they came out of the closet too late in my opinion. It would have felt so great to read about Abalone and Creag and Paradise all discussing their relationship, or even seeing them together as a couple in class. It would have made for a nice epilogue. I hope in the next books we’ll get to see a bit more of that aspect.

Last but not least, you need to read this even for just one scene. I have Three Words for You: Magic Mike XXL. That scene cracked me up and made me wish we could have read all the POVs from every person in it, especially the males, especially afterwards (*waggling brows furiously*)


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