Review: My Life Next Door

My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick

My Life Next Door
by Huntley Fitzpatrick (Goodreads Author)

Marry me, Jase!

Oh God. This is so not like me to fall for normal, human, good guy. But Jase is the proof that you don’t need to be a badass supernatural creature to steal a girl’s heart.

But let’s take a step back.
The story is about a teenage girl, Samantha, who lives in a very cold family. Her mother is an hypocrite and a politician. Yeah, everything you think about when someone says the word politician, Senator Reed is it. Her relationship with her daughters is strained and lacks the warm affection that mother-daughter relationships should have.

The story develops during summer break, mostly. It ends around Labor Day, if I recall it right. Anyway, this is a wonderful piece of art. It is written… discreetly. And by that I mean that it’s composed in a very gentle way. I know it sounds weird, but that’s the only word that sounded fitting enough.

Samantha (Sam) was an amazing surprise of a character. She’s not childish. She’s mature, assertive and confident. And though she’s not happy with her family situation, especially compared to the Garrett’s, she doesn’t complain about it. At all.

I found it so moving when she interacted with little George and cute Patsy and it melted my heart to see her and Jase together. The Garretts were an incredible example of true familial care and love, with their perks and flaws sure, but heartwarming most of all. The affection they share is admirable and it’s one of things I appreciated the most about this book. The quiet feelings. You’ll find no grand gestures, no fireworks or declaration of endless love. No, you’ll find two differently messed up families and a couple of kind, good, mature teenagers that love each other in a poetic realism.

If you’re looking for angst teenage drama, then steer away. The romance between the two characters is easy, beautiful. It’s like a sunny day. And Jase is simply amazing. Hard-worker, dreamer. He’s not afraid of other people’s judgement, but he’ll stand his ground. And he’s always so cool about whatever the problem is. He’s the one who “fixes” things, you know. The one who keeps the family together, the wise voice, the “Don’t worry. Now I’m here and everything is going to get better”.

The last part of the book was a little bit boring compared to the first explosive section. The tones were darker and the whole situation was too heavy and confused in my opinion. The lack of communication between the characters kind of startled me.

But then everything was solved thanks not to guns, knives or violence. No, they all sorted it out with words. There are some questions that stayed unanswered, but I still consider “My Life Next Door” as a little jewel I’ll fondly cherish in my heart.

It actually made me feel good. No stupid drama, no childish teenagers, and lots of fun.

George is so cute and hilarious! And let’s talk about Amy and Tim! God, Tim was serious fun. And the amazing thing is that his character changed so much during the book while never losing his bitter spirit and charming personality.

There were so many sweet scenes, like the lovebirds’ first time or, well, every other scene featuring Sam and Jase. And so much more. It would take me days to describe to you how much I loved this book, all of it.

Anyway this book speaks for itself. Let it conquer you! Because I’m sure it will.
It’s an easy reading, perfect for vacation or even when everything in your life seems to crumble down. It’s like a soft breeze, you know. It puts everything back in the right perspective.


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