Review: More Than Forever

More Than Forever by Jay McLean


3 stars. (5 stars plus kudos to the first part. 1 star for the second half. 3 was just the mathematical answer to my dilemma)

I’m so effing angry at this author right now. Because she lures you in with the first half of the book. She writes about love and rainbows and happiness and petty feelings and then she changes one of the two MCs’ personality and everything goes down from there. Is it too much to ask for them to keep acting like themselves?

Instead no, every time they go to college, it’s like they change from night to day. This time it was Cam’s turn. I must admit his excuses for the change were better than Jake’s but damn, the fact that he and Lucy couldn’t find it in them to straighten things between them was so messed up. It wasn’t even them. It didn’t read like Cam and Lucy.

And that pisses me off because the first half of the book was perfect, while the second was too painful and unreal. Never a straight conversation. Cam kept hiding things and making it all worse. It was almost unreadable. I mean, Lucy open up your eyes! This guy has done everything for you, would get you the moon if you asked. But now, of course you don’t trust him. Yes, the things he did were suspicious, but I thought their relationship ran deeper than this. Deeper than a few misunderstandings. Frankly, their push and pull made me almost sick. I was so ready for them to pick up the pieces after a while, instead all they did was make things worse and worse. In the end, my heart was in shreds on the floor.

That’s my problem with this book: the first half it’s all unicorns and kittens and everything screams perfect relationship. It was funny, witty, sweet. Cam was perfect. No, he was more than perfect. Even his inexperience was endearing, and then puff. Two completely different people that only seem to be able to keep secrets, hurt each other and drift apart.

It’s a damn shame, because I love McLean’s novels. Her dialogues are amazing, both the witty ones and the serious, sweet, deep ones. The way she treats her characters, though, always ruins it for me. The only reason I read “More than Forever” was because of Cam and Lucy, who I’d loved since that first night together in “More then This.” Now I don’t think I’ll be down to put myself in the wringer again for anyone else of her characters.

There’s just so much my brittle heart can take and McLean’s novels are not good for its health.

Would I recommend it though? If you’re looking for something that will both melt you, drive you crazy with anger and make you laugh out loud while making you crying like a one year old, then suit yourself. That’s your cup of tea with sugar on top. But if you’re looking for a safe read, than McLean is no-go.

I’ll leave you with the one sentence that got me screaming: “Finally someone with some salt in their pumpkin!”

“He’s always been so great, what you’ve always needed and wanted. You always made him out to be so perfect, and I didn’t really ever believe you. Five years you guys have been together and this is the first time you can say anything bad about him? So he has flaws, so what? Maybe that’s what makes him perfect.”

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