Review: Us

Us by Sarina Bowen

Us (Him #2)
by Sarina Bowen, Elle Kennedy


4 “The Shirt” stars

I’m a bit disappointed by this book. Now, before you keep reading I have to warn you.


I’m not gonna keep repeating myself so if you choose to read on, you do it at your own risk.

So… as I said, I’m a bit disappointed. Two, well, three things I’d loved to bits in the first book, were absent in this one:
– The easy banter and fun
– The low angst/drama level coupled with good communication
– The hotness level.

In this installment we still see an amazing style, we still see character that do love each other. We still see good hockey and a good pace, but the banter was all assigned to Blake, Wes’ team-mate while our two MCs didn’t communicate, and especially not in the fun way I’d come to expect from them.

The angst level was way higher. Basically, once they stop communicating, Wes’ schedule, the fact that they have to keep their relationship secret and other external issues, the drama (and sadness/hopelessness) levels skyrocketed.

Third, it wasn’t all that hot. Half the steamy scenes were cut due to other people interfering (like, seriously. This is not ‘first time’ YA!). We have only a few of them throughout the book and it didn’t feel like enough, not with characters like Wes and Jamie that have such a strong physical connection.

That being said, I truly enjoyed seeing Wes taking care of Jamie when he was sick. The flu thing was such an original thing, way better than the usual “he got in an accident” and now all our issues are smoothed out.

In conclusion, I wouldn’t say I d0n’t recommend it, but I would definitely warn the reader that this book was way different from the first one. Anyway, what I think must be mentioned is that many times in second books it’s internal issues that come play a role in the strain between the two MC. In this case, it wasn’t. It was mainly external issues so it was clear they still loved each other. Even when Jamie got depressed after the flu and I feared for their relationship, it was because of the meds. So, you see, I could understand every single one of their reasons for being frustrated, angry et cetera, but it doesn’t mean that I wasn’t frustrated.

4/5 of the book are spent with them kind of spiraling down. It never crossed the “tragic line”, you could always tell they were very much in love, but the proportion of happiness-sadness, if in the first book was luckily tipped toward the happy side, in “Us” it was unbalanced. All sadness and frustration until the last 60 pages or so, which were very good and emotional, but still…

Too little. Too late.

Yet, I rated it four stars, because the angsty quality and trope choices were not my fav but the book in itself is a good one.

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