Review: This is War

This is War
This is War

by Kennedy Fox


4.5 Hate-the-cliffy-but-I’ll-read-the-sequel-soon-so-it’s-okay stars

Holy guacamole, wasn’t this book hot!!! Wow, I was in dire need of a fan during certain scenes.

In two words this books was sexy and entertaining.

The banter between the two character was priceless and I loved how the whole story revolved around them, with a bare minimum of side characters. 70% of the book is set in their apartment and still the story didn’t come out lacking

This is War is the epitome of hate-to-love. Childhood friends that, thanks to a misunderstanding, end up hating each other but it’s still clear they have feelings for each other. I love this trope but I’m wary of it because at times the hate is not fun-hate or banter-filled-hate which is nothing but veiled-attraction. Instead here it was exactly that.

On the down side, I have to warn all of you that the H, Travis, is no saint. Even though it’s blatant he’s protective towards Viola and he’s partial to her, until admitting in the end to having feelings for her, he still rolls in the hay with OW once after the he and the h have started fooling around, not going all the way, but still. I know this can be a trigger for some readers, so I thought of throwing it out there.

Anyway, even in his assholes ways, I enjoyed Travis as a character. He’s sarcastic, cocky, intelligent and one hell of a dirty talker. He’s probably the king of dirty talkers, hence why this books was so insanely hot. The sex scenes were off the charts steaming and I thought the physical and emotional parts were very well balanced, even if the physical was a tad preponderant. Which I deemed okay also hoping to get more into the emotional aspect in the next installment of the duet.

Viola was also a great character. I loved that even if she was kind of a nerd, she was still portrayed as a confident young woman who knows what she wants and who stands her ground. She and Travis are well-paired and both so strong-willed that sparks fly every time they are together.

In the end, I would definitely recommend it. It’s not overly long, it’s fun and steamy. Also, the cliffhanger was completely unexpected and will have you craving for more. Now I can’t wait to read the next one.




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