Review: Cream of the Crop

Cream of the Crop by Alice Clayton


I approached this book the way you would an alligator. After meeting sparkling Natalie and broody Oscar in “Nuts“, I seriously doubted they would be a good match.

Well, I’m glad I was wrong. Natalie and Oscar really make a nice, refreshing duo. Theirs is a modern, steamy, sweet story and in the end I think I liked it even more than Leo and Roxie’s.

The only reason I didn’t give it five stars is Natalie. Now, I loved her characters to bits ninety percent of the time, but there was always that ten percent when she would be so in-your-face, loud, out-spoken that it bordered on ridiculous. That’s a critique I’ve often moved to Clayton, that sometimes she goes a little out board with her character’s craziness. A little bit is fun, but after the first truckload, you would like a bit more seriousness in their actions.

That being said, I truly, really, honestly, frankly, adored both Oscar and Natalie’s back stories. And I especially loved how Natalie rose from the ashes of the pire set by her ex-boyfriend. She’s a role model for everyone out there who has ever been judged based on their looks alone or felt inadequate because of it. Go girl! Her story was empowering! And it also held a worldwide truth: confidence really gets you a long way.

As for Oscar, what to say, he’s hot as sin and has that antisocial attitude thatRisultati immagini per hot guy long hair I find myself loving more and more as time passes. There’s something so tranquil and calm about him, so controlled and at peace, as if he was living exactly the life he wanted to (which is the truth, by the way), that his presence alone gave me a sense of utter peace. His back story was not something I could have ever anticipated in a million years. It was so… out of character, still it all made perfect sense. And I loved the humanity of his relationship with a certain woman. It made it all seem more realistic and complex in that way that life is and books often fail to portray.Would I recommend it? Sure I would. It’s a quick, fun, sweet read with some wise messages woven between the words. Plus, it’s a pleasure to see Roxie, Leo, sassy Polly, Chad and Logan again.
In fact, I definitely wouldn’t mind reading how Chad and Logan came to be together… Just in case Clayton was wondering what her readers thought of it 😉

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