Review: #Bae

#Bae by Cambria Hebert



The moment I heard Cambria Hebert was going to write another book in the Hashtag series, I squealed and fangirled so hard it’s a miracle I didn’t have an ictus.

There are few authors have me so hyped up. Cambria is one of them. Especially if the couple featured is my absolute favorite in the series and one of my top favorite in general. Romeo and Rimmel are amazing together. He’s so sweet, caring, protective and yet totally alpha, while Rimmel has the biggest of hearts, is nerdy, awkward and adorkable. What I love about them as a couple is that you never question the love they feel for each other, it’s so encompassing and powerful. They would lay their lives down for the other in the blink of an eye if need be, and they’re just so supportive, especially Romeo in this book. He’s like the ultimate book boyfriend. The one you’d bring with you on a deserted island, so to speak.


Before starting to read, I expected, as the author said in the note at the end of the book, happiness, happiness, happiness. Well, this book isn’t unicorns and rainbows 100% and I loved it even more because of it. The nothing-going-wrong policy can work with novellas, but in a full-length novels you need a plot, you need things going the way you hadn’t expected.

This book was the perfect balance between internal and external factors testing the MCs, with a heavier stress on the external side (which is something I always prefer), not being a major fan of angst.

I heard once that if your lady was in a mood, the best course of action was to throw chocolate at her and back away. I wasn’t backing away from Rimmel. I’d rather take the heat of her anger and be at her side. But chocolate might be a good idea.

The book is told by both MC’s POVs and you can feel their love for the other seeping through every word. Also, Hebert’s style is pretty awesome on its own, and fun too. So it’s not a cheesy novel about two people in love wanting a kid. No. It’s more than that.

And let’s not forget the whole #family. This is some major source of brownie point, in my opinion. There’s something I adore in series and it’s when you get to see the characters of all the books together. Well, the characters of the hashtag series are all a big family. Really, they call each other sisters and brothers even if they’re not blood-related. It will not make much sense if you haven’t read the series but after going through all they had to go through, seeing them like this made my heart soar, and ache because I too want to be part of that family, too.

Plus, seeing Breaden and his baby daughter Nova together… awww, I’m a melt puddle on the floor.

“Da-dadadadada,” she part cried, part babbled.
“All right now,” he said soft, and I imagined him reaching into her crib to pull her into his arms. “Tell Daddy what’s going on.”
Of course the baby said nothing.
“Gonna make me guess? You women are all the same. Always wanting us men to read your minds,” he muttered, but affection was heavy in his voice. It was a little heart-melting for such a big, rough, and sometimes hotheaded man to turn into such a big ball of mush when faced with a little dark-haired girl. “I’m just gonna get right to the daddy duties. C’mon, then. You can help.” He went on. “Let’s check the closet first.”

To conclude, this book was the perfect conclusion to an already incredible series.
-We get to see the whole gang living together, and also standing up for each other in times of need.
-We get a healthy dose of heart-squeeze and feelings.
-A swoony hero that is still my n.1 book boyfriend.
-Enough cuteness to kill a kitten dressed as a bunny.
-Amazing, fun style.
-Incredible chemistry between the MCs and outstanding interactions between all the family members.
-A plot that stands on its own.
-Did I already name Romeo? Yeah, well, never mind.

On a side note, I’d like to say that the #Bae (acronym for Before Anyone Else for those who like me didn’t know) is referred to the MCs and how they’d put the other one first even before any eventual baby. I may sound like a heartless bitch when I say it, but when I read it I thought: “Finally!”. Too many times I’ve read books in which once there’s a baby in the picture, the MCs’ relationship gets on the backburner. So yeah, I thoroughly enjoyed the focus on them as a couple.

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