Author N. Raines speaks about “No Secrets” and cats…

N. Raines talks about:

“Things I Learned About Emergency Service Personnel While Researching No Secrets”

Hello, friends. Cris, the hero of my new adult romance No Secrets, is a paramedic. While doing research on his profession I learned a few things I’d like to share with you.

1. Don’t Call Emergency Service Personnel “Ambulance Drivers.”

Paramedics and EMTs do a lot more than driving the ambulance and running the siren. In my state, paramedics must complete a two year degree program. They’re able to give medications and trained in advanced life support. They must be certified and renew their certification every three years.

2. Their jobs are physically taxing.

All the lifting and carrying they do can take a toll. They may have to carry individuals who are heavy, sometimes down flights of stairs. This is especially challenging in an apartment building where there is no elevator. They may have to deal with people who are uncooperative or aggressive due to alcohol, drugs or mental illness. Occasionally, they are even physically assaulted. They have to keep calm and behave professionally at all times while protecting themselves and others.

3. Their jobs are emotionally taxing.

Emergency service personnel are often first at the scene in cases of child abuse. They have to help a child who has been hurt by his or her own parent or caretaker. They are on the scenes of accidents where innocent people have been hurt and killed by drivers under the influence. They see some terrible, heartbreaking sights yet must keep their feelings under control and do their best to help the injured and transport them as quickly and safely as possible. These tragedies may take an emotional toll on first responders and filter into their personal lives.

4. They don’t get the pay or respect they deserve.

Emergency service personnel work long hours under difficult conditions to save lives. While they are responsible for keeping people safe and getting them to the hospital as quickly as possible, their assistance often goes unrecognized by the public. They often have to deal the results of society’s inability to provide enough care for the indigent, the homeless and the mentally ill. They also have to deal professionally with people who abuse the system, keeping them from those truly in need.

5. They care about people.

Actually, this was one thing I didn’t have to learn from reading a book or scouring the web. I’ve been fortunate enough to speak to several Emergency Service Personnel and their good humor and love of humanity shines through. They don’t get much pay or many pats on the back, but they don’t complain. Still, it’s time we “civilians” recognize everything they do and give them the recognition they deserve. They, along with firefighters and police officers, are the first on the scene when we need help.


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N. Raines talk about… cats

Cats Rule! (And Dogs Drool?)

Hi friends. I’m so happy to be here to share a little bit about my new adult romance, No Secrets. My heroine, Alyx, has a lot of growing up to do in the story. She starts out as a rather spoiled young woman who suddenly has to learn to support herself and learn to navigate her attraction to Cris, a sexy paramedic she’s had a long-time crush on.

Cris Garcia appeared in my earlier New Adult romance, No Promises. Someone else who appeared in that book also shows up No Secrets–a very bossy stray cat named Big Boy. I’ve always enjoyed books and movies featuring animals–especially cats–and thought I’d list a few that you might enjoy, too.

Cat’s Eye

A film written by Stephen King, based on his short stories. A stray tabby cat is a featured player in two of the stories in this horror anthology and the hero in the third. He battles an evil gnome in order to save young Drew Barrymore.

Harry and Tonto

This is a road movie featuring a senior citizen and his best friend, a cat. Art Carney plays Harry who has plenty of adventures with his furry orange buddy, Tonto. A funny and touching film.

Stuart Little

This movie is based on the children’s book by E.B White. The main character, Stuart, is a mouse who is adopted by a human family. Snowbell (voiced by Nathan Lane), the white cat who already lives there, resents Stuart and plots to get rid of his rival. (All ends happily, of course.)


Everyone remembers Ripley (played by Sigourney Weaver) as the sole survivor of toothy, drool-dripping alien in the scary sci-fi adventure. But they forget Jonesy, the orange cat who employs sneakiness and smarts to survive and escape along with Sigourney.

Walk on the Wild Side

This is a campy, over the top movie. One of those it’s-so-bad-it’s-good guilty pleasures. Though not in the main story, a stray black cat is featured in the beginning and end title sequences of the film. I think the cat represents the wild and untamed side of the characters. This is one of the well-known works of graphic designer/filmmaker Saul Bass. Here’s a link if you’d like to see it yourself:

I’m sure there are plenty of films I’ve missed. Can you think of any that you’ve enjoyed?



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