December Book Challange

I just found out about  this challenge on My Tiny Obsession, created by @AnnReads on Bookstagram and decided to give it a try. Sounds super  fun, like a bookish advent calendar, only 31 days long and with no association to religion. All right, I’m digressing.

Let’s proceed with the Challenge:



Day #1

First read of the year:

Pyromancist (Seven Forbidden Arts, #1)

One of the  best of the series. Easy 5 stars.


What was your first read of 2016?


5 thoughts on “December Book Challange

  1. taliaredhotink says:

    I’m going to post a new one every day, just copying the first part and only changing the book in the end, easy peasy. I thought about doing a single post, but on twitter it would show with the same caption as day 1 for the whole month, I think. Maybe at the end I’ll do a challenge wrap-up or something. Still haven’t decided 🙂


    • Happily Ever After says:

      I would like to see it all at the end, on one page:-) So, I’m still deciding, but love the idea. I bet Instagram would be a great platform, bummer for me, I’m a kindle person 100%. I’m really thinking of buying some paperbacks and hardcovers just to be able to snap a few pictures.:-)


      • taliaredhotink says:

        I’m not even a Kindle person. I read books directly on my laptop, and I don’t think screenshots would look that good on Instagram 😦
        I thought about buying some hardcovers too, but here in Italy the only way to get new releases on paperback is by having them sent from the UK or USA, which means more $$$ I certainly cannot afford spending.
        Anyway, on the 31st of December or at the beginning of January, I’ll do a recap on one page 🙂
        Maybe you could go to a bookstore and snap a couple of pictures directly there, when the owner isn’t looking 😉

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      • Happily Ever After says:

        I’m thinking of buying an iPad mini. I’ll wait and see. But wow!!! Years ago, before all the tablets, I read all of my fanfic on the PC. But I couldn’t live without my kindle anymore. 😉 Im officially addicted.

        Liked by 1 person

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