Review: Make Me Sin

Make Me Sin by J.T. Geissinger

Make Me Sin (Bad Habit, #2)
by J.T. Geissinger



ARC kindly offered by Netgalley in exchange for honest reviewOutstanding. I had such great expectations for this book after loving “Sweet as Sin” and I have to admit it even surpassed them. A.J. and Chloe’s love story has both the sweetness and freshness of a first love and the epicness of a forever one.

At first, A.J.’s personality didn’t call to me the way Nico’s had. Also, Chloe’s pushover-ness bothered me. But hell if things didn’t change. Upon finishing it, I was already craving for more and can’t wait to read about Grace and Brody! Even if the end hinted at Brody’s secret, if I’ve read everything correctly.

Anyway, back to “Make me Sin”, this book was a total emotional roller coaster. Usually, I tend to avoid them and too much drama, but here the romance was so beautiful and pure… it gutted me. Especially when certain nasty things happened. It tore me apart only to recompose me and then blast me into a nebula of shrapnel just before the very ending.

There are no spoilers, but be warned that there’s a major plot twist at the end. I could feel my heart split.

Geissinger’s style is as usual original, fresh, and a pleasure to read. The plot is never boring and full of twists and turns. I especially loved the psychological descent and downward spiral of a certain character. It added great drama and suspense to the story, also touching a very important topic nowadays, which I won’t name not to spoil any surprise.

Last but not least, there was some serious poetry in some images. I’m not talking just about the wonderfully written and downright hot steamy scenes. But some dialogues, some thoughts, A.J.’s past story itself, held this decadent taste. Also, I fell in love with the atmosphere. The abandoned hotel, the vaulted ceiling, the opera music, the candles. The simple mattress on the floor.

Geissinger managed to create this wonderful world, dotting it with incredibly strong characters and this amazing group of friends. Then she bound it together with strong emotions, true feelings and a twinge of poetry. Eventually, she sprinkled some reality for a bittersweet taste that only enhanced the already wonderful craftwork.


2 thoughts on “Review: Make Me Sin

    • taliaredhotink says:

      It’s definitely bump-up worthy. Personally, I’m a fan of hate-to-love romances and since you’ve read the first book you know that A.J. and Chloe are not the best of buddies. Still, their relationship blooms into such a wonderful and heart-wrenching love story 🙂
      Especially A.J.’s character was so complex and such a surprise!
      I hope you’ll love it as much as I did.

      Liked by 1 person

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