December Book Challenge #12

This challenge was created by @AnnReads for Bookstagram.


Day #12

New favorite friendships

     Trent & Rimmel           Easton & Ella                Drew & Trent              

#Bae (Hashtag, #7)         Broken Prince (The Royals, #2)         #Junkie (GearShark, #1)     

               Damien & Chelsea          Caroline & Mimi & Sophia

 Neighbor Dearest                    Last Call (Cocktail, #4.5)

These choices need a bit of explanation, because I kind of mixed love and friendship with a couple of them.

1- #Bae, by Cambria Hebert. Rimmel and Trent haven’t had many chances in the past books to develop a meaningful friendship, while in this last instalment, with Trent helping Rimmel getting away from the paparazzi and his overall protectiveness, they grow tight. It was so nice, because they’re quite a match: both kind, quiet people that are anyway fiercely protective of their family.

2- Broken Prince, by Erin Watt. It’s no secret that in book one all the Royal boys loathed Ella. Still, in Broken Prince self-destructive, arrogant but funny and vulnerable Easton finds an ally and a friend in Ella. It was such an odd pairing, yet I loved seeing how he would rely on her and how she would slowly start to trust him more and more. It was a gradual build-up that surprised me in the end.

3- #Junkie, by Cambria Hebert. Now, here an explanation is needed. Trent and Drew are the couple featured in the book. But in this first novel, their relationship is still highly bound to their friendship. In truth, it’s not correct to say that they move from friendship to love. Their first relationship is rather the foundation of everything romantic they build afterwards and if you’ve read the book you noticed how much they know about the other. It’s the kind of knowledge you only acquire with a sincere friendship.

4- Neighbor Dearest, by Penelope Ward. During the first half of the book, Chelsea and Damien are just friends and even though you can tell they want to jump each other’s bones, they don’t do anything about it. I liked this part of the book because of their budding friendship, the late nights together talking, the way Damien helped her when she didn’t know who to ask for a favor, etc. I know in hindsight it’s all to be chalked up to their not-so-friendly feelings, but I like to think of their initial friendship as a spring that allowed them to overcome the obstacles that kept them from being together.

5 – Last Call, by Alice Clayton. This novella is the conclusion of Simon and Caroline’s story, that first started in Wallbanger. Anyway, in everyone of these books, one amazing side-dish of exhilaration was always delivered by side characters. Honestly, I named the girls, but also the boys could have been easy nominees. Their whole gang of friends is so fun and over the top it had me laughing to tears.


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