December Book Challenge #23-#24

This challenge was created by @AnnReads for Bookstagram.

I’d like to say the reason I’m clustering days together it’s because I’ve been gorging on candy canes, spending afternoons playing board games, and being all Christmassy. Truth is, in Italy we have finals in January, which means me busting my ass off from Christmas to New Year, no exceptions. Hence why I’m messing this challenge up 😦

cydhwn3weae_t4zDay #23

Book that made you cry

The Air He Breathes (Elements, #1)        An Exaltation of Larks          Full Tilt (Full Tilt, #1)

I’m not much of a crier, especially over books or movies. I also don’t read many emotional novels, sticking to the more lighthearted side of romance. Yet, these three books hit me hard.

The Air He Breathes is one painful read, and even if I loved the romance, at the beginning I could feel my heart squeeze every time the MCs reminisced about their past spouses.

An Exaltation of Larks. There’s a certain scene that truly gutted me. Overall, the story wasn’t a sob fest, but there was just one moment that left me dead and cold and sobbing.

Full Tilt. I kind of cheated because I’m currently reading it. But I can already tell it’s gonna end with me swimming in tissue papers.

Day #24

New favorite side characters

Managed (VIP, #2)         Paper Princess (The Royals, #1)           The Beast (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #14)          Checkmate: This is War (The Checkmate Duet, #1)

We were introduced to all the band member of Managed in Idol, but still in both books they were one of my favorite parts. The group scenes were hilarious!

Easton was my favorite side character. There’s this desperation about him that he tries to mask with carelessness, jokes and dangerous behaviors that tugged at my heart.

Lassiter from the BDB’s series. I didn’t discover him in 2016, but he’s too good of a side character to be left unmentioned. He’s one fucking fabulous angel and seeing his name on the page always has me smiling if not laughing, even before he’s even said anything.

Drew and Court from the Checkmate Duet. They’ll soon get a book of their own. I loved how both of them interacted with their respective best friends, and MCs in the duet. Now I can’t wait to see how things will pan out between the two of them in “This is Reckless”.


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