December Book Challenge day #26-#27

This challenge was created by @AnnReads for Bookstagram.

cydhwn3weae_t4zDay #26

Most Read Genre

I’m going out on a limb here and say Contemporary Romance. If you’d asked me this question one year ago I would have probably said New Adult, and I’m still a big fan, but one way or the other, it’s actually quite rare for me to pick up a NA book nowadays. Shame on me! There are so many NA series I need to finish, so many college boys to still fall in love with. Alas, I hope 2017 will bring new balance in my reading habits.

Also, PNR used to be my “first and foremost” in the past. My roots are in PNR, but unfortunately, while I’m willing to go in blind for so many contemporary books, I’m way pickier when it comes to PNR. That’s why as of now the only PNR I read is the trusty brand of authors I’ve followed and loved for years.

Day #27

Best Conclusion to a Series

#Bae (Hashtag, #7)The awful moment you realize you didn’t really read a full series and barely finished any of the old ones. Sad times, people. Truly sad times. Anyway, I managed to find two amazing conclusions to a series among those in my dismal list. N. #1 is everything a true romance fan Outtakes from the Grave (Night Huntress, #7.5)could want. #Bae by Cambria Hebert was a sweet, emotional ride featuring my favorite couple in the hashtag series, Romeo and Rimmel. It was a full-length novel focusing on what happens after the HEA. It’s about life’s curveballs and how they’re not always kittens with rainbows drawn on them. It’s about struggles and the power of love, not of the flighty kind, but the type that when the ride gets bumpy, buckles up and holds tight. Needless to say, I didn’t think I could fall more in love with Romeo, but that’s what happened.

The second “conclusion to a series” is Outtakes from the Grave by Jeaniene Frost. This book is not a novel, or a novella. It’s a compendium of extras, cut scenes and the Sacred Graal for all of us Frost Lovers. Seeing some “behind the scenes” that got cut during editing was like finding a pirates’ bounty in your backyard. I’d read many of the scenes online when the author had shared them, but having all of them together, as well as very new long sections of “alternate versions” was truly a gift. And I am truly glad that in the final version Cat didn’t sleep with Noah or agreed to marry him!!! Still, there were so many hilarious, or heart-wrenching moments that I would have loved to see in the books, like the wedding dress shopping. Or the after S&M’s club scene (who thought that cutting that off was a good idea?), or when Bones finds out about Cat almost jumping. That scene was priceless! And do we want to talk about their Wedding? It’s one of the things fans were more excited about but then the author said it didn’t really fit in the story anymore. Well, you find it here, along with their first night together as vampire and… weird ex-half-breed-now-turned-into-even-weirder-vampire…

So yeah, I guess I should had been a better reader and dedicate more time to finishing old series instead of plunging into so many standalones or debut authors. Still, I’m quite happy with my choices for today. Two amazing reads that were easy 5 stars.


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