January upcoming releases:

Wow, I just realized that the hotness level of the covers’ models this month is searing high. I mean, look at these guys! January upcoming releases are a study in hard bodies. From a completely shallow POV, I’m already  loving The Roommate. That guy’s shoulders to waist broadness ratio is the equivalent to my hips to neck one. That being said, if the model for Vi Keeland’s novel accidentally found its way into my bedroom I wouldn’t kick him out. Egomaniacs need love, too! And cuddles, lots of cuddles. I mean, with all that hardness everywhere they are probably in desperate need for some softness, right? I volunteer my curves!

I just re-read it and it sounds kinda sleazy… oh, well. It’s not like a had a shred of dignity to begin with. Before I embarrass myself further, here are the new cuddles’ seekers… ahem, releases. January releases. January. Releases… oh, look. Abs!

3 Jan

Hard Hitter (Brooklyn Bruisers #2)

9 Jan

Full Package

11 Jan

Commander in Chief (White House, #2)

16 Jan


17 Jan

Flawed (Ethan Frost, #4)

24 Jan

The Room Mate (Room Mate, #1)

31 Jan

Good Boy (WAGs, #1)



2 thoughts on “January upcoming releases:

  1. taliaredhotink says:

    I received an ARC for it through Netgalley. It was a nice book, but nothing too amazing, at least IMO. I loved the idea of the H being a science genius, but the heroine didn’t convince me 100%. Still, this is the fourth in a series and I’ve heard really great things about the other three books, which focus on a different couple (with a more likable heroine, or so I’ve heard…) I’m thinking of giving them a try


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