Review: “The Air He Breathes” by Brittainy C. Cherry

The Air He Breathes by Brittainy C. Cherry

The Air He Breathes (Elements, #1)
by Brittainy C. Cherry

5 Heartbreaking Stars

It is rare indeed to come across a novel that captures you from the very beginning. Usually, like in most love stories, you need to dip a toe, test the waters and then slowly fall in love. Learn to love it.

It wasn’t the case with “The Air He Breaths.” This novel hooked me from page one and though I’ve made it a habit to shrink away from pain-riddled stories, this book held such a perfect balance between happy and disruptingly sad that I cannot not comment on its outstanding chemistry.

The MCs have both suffered tremendous losses and I appreciated how their beloved ones were never completely dismissed, how they hovered behind the scenes, in thoughts, ideas, memories. That being said, the romance between Tristan and Liz is epic in its own broken way. The way Tristan re-gains his long lost humanity with her spells fairytale, which is another name for the miracle of love these two characters share. Despite the judgements of the townsfolks, they are drawn to each other the way planets and stars are. Magnetically. Without respite.

Their bond has its foundation in desperation and pain, but the palaces built upon it speak of hope and a bright future.

Remarkable also the figure of the villain, which I will not spoiler. As a future psychologist, I loved the slow, unavoidable descent of the character into the world of madness and its constant, surreal drive toward a thwarted vision of reality. It made for great drama in the end.

The only flaw was Tristan’s drawback in the end, how he regressed to his old self. Of course, withdrawals are natural, but I believe it wasn’t the right point in the book for it to happen.

Interesting also the theme of air, connected to the feathers (symbol of Liz’s dead husbands’ love) and the important role given to breath (hence the title).

I would definitely recommend this story. I call it so, rather than book or novel, because it transmitted me more than those general words can express. I will bring Tristan and Elizabeth’s love with me for a long time, and hold them as examples of strength and re-birth. Of sacrifice and humanity.

Truly a beautiful story.


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