Review: “Sealed” by Piper Lawson

Sealed by Piper Lawson

Sealed (Travesty #2.5)
by Piper Lawson (Goodreads Author)

ARC received from the author in exchange for an honest review

5 Love myself a nice/sexy guy stars

Okay, so, confession time: I haven’t read the previous books (Shame on me!). Anyway, I didn’t feel like I missed anything because from the very beginning we’re explained what the characters’ current situation is. Sure, knowing their back story would have been better maybe, but that’s on me and on my huge TBR. What I’m saying is that this novella completely stands on its own, and that it made me want to read the first installments too, because now I really want to get to know Dylan and Lex better.

The plot and the characters were both incredibly done. One too many times I’ve come across novellas that, due to lack of page-space, either lacked heat, funny moments, or a real plot. Instead, Sealed checked all the boxes. The steamy scenes were perfectly encased in the narration, not just thrown there to add to the hotness level. I especially enjoyed a certain moment involving a very distracting Dylan while Lex is on the phone…

I guess the character that surprised me most was Dylan. I mean, he’s younger than Lex (not in a creepy or weird way, but that few years that make it possible for him to be still in college while she’s opened a business), and yet he’s so mature and caring. Seeing him so determined to make Lex his once and for all was endearing and utterly funny, because let’s just say that things didn’t go smoothly. Still, Dylan kept putting his relationship with Lex before anything else.

It. Melted. Me. I was a puddle of gooey feelings on the floor.

I’m a sucker for nice guys who would do just about anything for the girl they love. And Dylan did exactly that.

A character that had me rolling with laughter instead was Nate, both because of his cat (you’ll understand), and for his salesman abilities. And now I want to read his story, too!

I would totally recommend Sealed because it has everything you might want in a novella. Fun, sweet moments, a swoony hero and a plot that isn’t simply made of juxtaposed moments. It read like a miniature book, and that’s what I’m looking for when I read a novella.


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