The Ultimate Book Tag

 Hi everyone. Today I’m waiting for some relatives to arrive, so in  the meanwhile I decided to give some TLC to my little blog. I found about this tag at Adventures of a Bookish Girl while it was originally created by Chapter Chicks.

Question 1: Do you get sick while reading in the car?

Nope. I used to get sick whenever I stepped into a car when I was a kid. But then, I bought a book while on holiday with my family and couldn’t wait to get back home to start reading it. So I started in the car, resigned to the usual nausea. And instead, bam! No nausea, no nothing. Cars are now my favorite means of transportation for long journeys.

 Question 2: Which author’s writing style is completely unique to you and why?

Suanne Laqueur. God, I feel like if that woman ever got a peek at my blog, she’d ask for a restraining order against me. Hence, I’ll name another author whose style I adore: JR Ward. I’m especially loving her latest BDB/BDB-legacy books. I love pop-culture references and neologisms. Ward is a master at making even the simplest things sound funny and original, especially if the POV is one of the males’.

Question 3: Harry Potter series or the Twilight Saga? Give 3 points to defend your answer.

This is hard… I loved both in different moments of my life. Twilight was one of my first YA romances, while Harry was my fav fantasy.

I’ll go with Harry only because of the writing style. I read them all in Italian, but Rowling’s world-building is outstanding anyway.

Second case in point, Twilight’s similarities with “The Vampire Diaries” were a bit too heavy to be coincidental in certain parts.

And lastly, because I never got Bella’s attraction to Jacob. To me it seemed cruel how she led him on.

(Oh, and sparkling, vegetarian vampires are kind of lame).

Question 4: Do you carry a book bag? If so, what is in it (beside books)?

I don’t have it, but I always keep the book I’m reading and a couple more on my phone, just in case I get stuck in traffic (on the bus, of course) or when I have to wait for whatever.

Question 5: Do you smell your books?

Is the sky blue? Of course I do. And I also connect books with each other. For example, I may say: “OMG, this book smells exactly like The Golden Compass, or Harry Potter”. Sadly, reading only e-readers lately, I don’t have much to smell, but I also do it with school books or whenever I am in a library or book store. I don’t care if it looks morbid. It always makes me smile when I catch other people doing it.

Question 6: Books with or without little illustrations?

Without. BUT, I like it when at the beginning of a chapter, maybe to show whose POV it is, they put a little image, a symbol representing the character. I also enjoyed a few “surprise” illustration, like the spilled glass in “Tamed” by Chase (I think), or the scraps of newspapers in #Bae. I think if it fits the story, it’s okay, but just random stuff or pictures… not for me.

Question 7: What book did you love while reading but discovered later it wasn’t quality writing?

When I think of books like these, there’s always a title that comes to my mind: “My Favorite Mistake” by Cameron. The style was very basic, as well as the plot, as uncomplicated and forward as they come, but it was a book that, even with all the clichés, gave me the feels and made me swoon/smile. So it got all the stars, even if maybe the quality per se wasn’t that high.

Question 8: Do you have a funny story involving books from your childhood? Please share!

My parents forced me to read when I was a kid. It wasn’t that I didn’t like to do it, but like most kids I would have preferred to watch TV after dinner, which wasn’t allowed. I guess now my mom wished she’d let me watch TV instead of fueling what is now an obsession.

Back then it was a matter of “Mom, all the other kids watch it” and “You’re not like all the other kids.” While now it’s more like “Why can’t you be like all other people?” and me “Too late now, peeps.”

Question 9: What is the thinnest book on your shelf?

On the shelf, no idea. GR though notified me that last the shortest novella I read was a four page spin-off of “On Doubling Street” by Samantha Young.

Question 10: What is the thickest book on your shelf?

“Narnia’s Chronicles”, no doubts. 1152 pages. In reality, they’re 7 books bundled together, but since I have the whole comprehensive volume, I’m calling it good.

Question 11: Do you write as well as read? Do you see yourself in the future as being an author?

I’ve been writing “seriously” since I was 14 years old. Do I see myself in the future as an author? It’s definitely a path I’m going to explore, and I already have a couple works I’ve sworn to myself WILL see the light of day in 2017. The tricky aspect of it is, not being English my first language, I tend to get very self-conscious about possible mistakes and probably need and editor. As of now, I’m thinking of trying to publish one of my English works traditionally and, in case of multiple rejections, resort to self-publishing. The original plan had been to go Indie straight away, but since then I understood how much more work (promotional and editorial) being an indie entails, and wouldn’t mind the back-up of a publishing house.

Question 12: When did you get into reading?

I’ve always been a reader, as I said earlier. But there are a couple books that propelled my reading into the next level. The first YA fantasy book that really hooked me and left me day-dreaming of its world was an Italian fantasy set in Venice. Then Harry Potter came along, Twilight for romance, Hush Hush as well, and eventually  the BDB series and the Night Huntress series sealed the deal. After that I was a true goner.

Question 13: What is your favorite classic book?

“The Karamazov’s Brothers” by Dostoevskij. Okay, this sounds pretentious as shit, but hear me out. I didn’t LOVE it. The book itself is boring as all hell and dramatic in a way that sounds artificial to modern ears. Still, there is a section of the book, Ivan’s novel, that made me officially lose my Catholic faith. I know it shouldn’t be a reason to rejoice, but it was a very interesting novel that opened my eyes on religion and cemented my previous doubts.

Question 14: In school, was your best subject Language Arts / English?

I hated English before “The Night Huntress Series” came along and tilted my world on its axis. It was like seeing the light, seriously. In the span of three months, my language proficiency went from “classic-Italian-the-cat-is-on-the-chair” to… well, normal English. Thanks to these books, I fell in love with the language. After that, it not only became my favorite subject, but also a personal passion, eventually leading to me switching from Italian to English even on the writing front.

Question 15: If you were given a book as a present that you had read before and hated…what would you do?

Thank them and then re-cycle it. In case there was a dedication… oh well, books look pretty independently from the content.

Question 16: What is a lesser known series that you know of that is similar to Harry Potter or the Hunger Games?

I can only think of “Shatter Me” by Mafi and “The Sweet Trilogy” by Higgins as possible read-a-likes for The Hunger Games, only because there’s some kind of “revolution” going on. But they’re both very far-fetched links since Higgins’ is more on the YA PNR side and Shatter Me is… well, kind of purple prose meets dystopian.

Question 17: What is a bad habit you always do (besides rambling) while filming?

I don’t Vlog. I wish I had the time for it, but I’m already swamped with everything else. Although, I think I’ll give it a try in the future 🙂

Question 18: What is your favorite word?

I have a few: lackadaisical, quixotic, infectious, discombobulated. There are probably more, but I can’t recall them. Also, I like dainty. There’s not an Italian word that expresses quite the same meaning. Anyway, I love everything about the English language, especially the phonemes.

Question 19: Are you a nerd, dork or dweeb? Or all of them?

Okay, so I had to look at the definitions:

Nerd: Someone with a great interest in academic subjects like math and science and who is socially awkward and has trouble relating to others outside of their fields of academia. Their IQ often exceeds their weight. Science fiction such as The Matrix and Star Wars or LOTR are often their cup of tea, as are hobbies like astronomy or chemistry sets. Nerds usually dress conservatively and are more interested in the mind than their outward appearance, although as both men and women they tend to be tidy, clean-cut, and hygienic. Nerds generally are self-confident in the academic setting and take pride in their intellect and band together with other nerds although their social skills outside of their academic obsession are diminished.

Am I a Nerd? Well, nothing I’m gonna watch LOTR with live music, I love science and can’t pass a science documentary without stopping in my track, don’t dress to impress and am quite confident in the academic setting. And yes, my social skills are quite diminished when I’m around people whose interest don’t match mine. I guess I make the cut.

Dork: Someone who has special interests like a geek but whose interests and obsessions are less common and odd, such as having an oddball collection of some sort like old Three Stooges bubblegum cards or an uncommon skill like yodeling. Walking talking Star Trek encyclopedic knowledge and convention dress up obsessions can be considered dorky. They can act silly at times and not care what anyone thinks. Dorks are typically more noted for their quirky personality and tend to be loners. Hygiene can sometimes be an issue. Dorks can nonetheless be self-confident and proud of the way they are because they simply don’t care what others think.

Am I a Dork? I’m quite knowledge-y on ways to kill people, how to hide their bodies, get away with it, yadda, yadda, yadda. I think it comes with the passion for forensic psychology and consequent studies, but since people tend to see this as a significant trait of who I am (read: jokes galore), I guess that makes me Dork-ish. It’s not like I go around telling people “hey, don’t cross me or you’ll end up underground,” but I’ve been known to make the occasional serial killer joke and get inventive with my threats.

Dweeb: A person who tends to be regarded as physically wimpish, intellectually challenged, and socially awkward, with little self-confidence. Dweebs tend to be obsessed with unusual pursuits like dorks (tap dancing or ant farms) but are lacking in skill, knowledge, or ability. Dweebs tend to be loners like dorks but understand their shortcomings and lack pride. Hygiene can also be an issue.

Am I a Dweeb? Don’t think so. My self-confidence might not be stellar, but I’ve been working on it and it’s greatly improved lately. As for the other characteristics, they don’t apply (thank God!).

Question 20: Vampires or fairies?

Vampires. I only read a few Fae books and they didn’t make the cut. (Yes, I’m talking about your books, Ms Moning). The only Fae book I liked was Wicked by Armentrout, but I guess that woman could write about how to make shortbread and I’d be handing out 5 stars like flour on a pizza.

Besides, I love vampires, I love how they’re by default tortured, ambiguous, dark creatures. Damned, some unapologetically, some looking for redemption, some blood-thirsty, some goody-two-shoes who happened to wake up on the wrong side of the coffin.

Question 21: Shapeshifters or angels?

Tough choice. I’m not much into weres… although I loved Kenyon’s Were-Hunters, and now that I think of it, I wrote a whole saga with Shifting characters. Although, I also remember fondly a couple of Angels books (Hush Hush, the Sweet Trilogy for example, and another one I read in Italian when I was a teen that was a multiple re-read). Although, it always bothered me the way they would handle the “higher powers” or the religious talks thrown around. All in all, I’d call it a tie.

Question 22: Spirits or werewolves?

Don’t like werewolves. Have also read very few of them, but I guess I’m just not into all that pack mentality. Also, truthfully, I’m a bit over my PNR days, and only read the few authors whose works I trust to deliver exactly what I’m looking for. As for spirits… don’t think I’ve ever read a book about them.

Question 23: Zombies or vampires?

Again, vampires. Zombies are hygenically challenged, in my mind, and that is a no-no. Plus, I’ve never read a zombie book. Came really close to it after watching “Warm Bodies,” but then someone told me the book was very metaphorically oriented and it was kind of an essay on a possible dystopian society and… I dropped the ball.

As for TV series, I love both the Vampire Diaries and The Walking Dead. I guess Vampires are more romantically inclined while zombies call to my psych’s studies.

Question 24: Love triangle or forbidden love?

Love triangle. I hate the push and pull that goes on in forbidden loves. I like to see H and h together while facing hardships. As for love triangles, the only ones I like are the ones in which it’s clear who is MTB with the heroine and instead who’s only there to spice the dynamics up. (Travis, Parker and Abby in “Beautiful Disaster”). I loved to see the hero getting jealous because there’s a third party, but I absolutely loathe when the girl oscillates between the two, undecided.

Question 25: Full on romance books or action-packed with a few love scenes mixed in?

Full on romance. I may give the action-packed ones with a sprinkle of romance a chance every once in a while, but they have to be really amazingly written. The romance is usually what keeps me hooked and gets me to turn the pages.

Okay, it’s over and… if you liked it, consider yourself tagged. I’m curious to see what other book bloggers might answer to these questions.


2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Book Tag

  1. Adventures of a Bookish Girl says:

    Try “A Court of Thorns & Roses” (and definitely the sequel, “A Court of Mist and Shadow”) if you would ever try Fae books again. They are by Sarah J Maas & amazing, so incredibly well written. Also, it does have action, but is also heavy on the romance, which I’m guessing by your answers you would like.

    Liked by 1 person

    • taliaredhotink says:

      I’ve been meaning to read them for a while now. They’re everywhere on my GR feed and the reviews are stellar. I guess 2017 is finally the year I’ll give Maas a chance. Thanks for the recommendation 🙂


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