February 2017 Upcoming Releases

January has been quite the intense month for me. I officially terminated my exams at uni (gotta love that verb’s double interpretation) and am officially chillaxing and couch potato-ing without a smidgen of guilt. But enough of me! January has also been a great month on the book front, with lots of amazing reads and releases. Although, February doesn’t look that bad either.

Here, I chose the upcoming releases which most intrigue me.

7 FEB:


I’ve recently started reading this series but can already tell it’s  going to become a favorite of mine.

21 FEB


Okay, so what if I still need to read number one? Even though I wasn’t a fan of “Tangled”, this kinda cheesy, fairytale-like series sounds something that would totally make me swoon.

21 FEB


Yet another series I need to bump up on my TBR. I think I’ll wait for my next craving for hilarious, light-hearted books. I’ve been told they’re quite fantastic.

28 FEB


Drum roll… a little bit longer… YES! We’re finally getting Layla and Vlad’s story’s ending. I know, the cover is a bit… weird, with all that hair whipping around like in a Pantene ad, but like I care. I’ve been waiting for this book forever! And while with the Night Huntress Series, the first five books were a-fucking-mazing, while the last 2 were kinda meh, there’s not a single instalment in the Night Prince I haven’t effing loved, adored, worshipped. Vlad and Layla are the kinds of characters that never reach the end of their fuse, literary-wise. I really hope I won’t have to eat my words back. So yes, this book is my MOST ANTICIPATED this month!

28 FEB


Hmmm, a new Armentrout novel, apparently non-related ot any series. This shall be interesting. I’ll keep myself updated on this.

Okay, so  these are the books I’m most excited/thrilled/turned on by (this last one’s for you Vlad *wink, wink*).

What are yours?


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