Review: “Naked in Death” by J.D. Robb

Naked in Death (In Death, #1)Naked in Death by J.D. Robb

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 futuristic stars

I knew this book would be good. It came highly recommended from people whose taste I trust, but I hadn’t expected to love the style so much. Admittedly, the whole futuristic setting is not my usual jazz, yet I enjoyed it immensely. There weren’t info-dumps and the story proceeded with a brisk pace that kept me hooked.

I wished I could have read it in one day, but thanks to life it wasn’t possible.

A kissing sound had her glancing over at a leering hunk in a spandex jumpsuit. The jumpsuit, and the blood trickling at the side of his mouth were approximately the same color. His accessories were a set of thin, black restraints that secured one arm to a nearby bench. He rubbed his crotch with his free hand and winked at her.
“Hey, baby. Got something here for you.”
“Tell Commander Whitney I’m on my way,” she told Riley as the desk sergeant rolled his eyes.
Unable to resist, she swung by the bench, leaned close enough to smell sour vomit. “That was a charming invitation,” she murmured, then arched a brow when the man peeled open his fly patch and wagged his personality at her. “Oh, look, kitty. A teeny-tiny little penis.” She smiled, leaned just a bit closer. “Better take care of it, asshole, or my pussy here might mistake it for a teeny-tiny little mouse and bite it off.”


I floved both Eve and Roarke. Eve is a very relatable character. She’s tough, but she’s got a dark past that makes her vulnerable, and yet gives her that extra motivation, strength and determination to bring to justice the murderer of several “licensed companions”. The only futuristic book I’d ever read before this one had quite some similarities, like a woman in the law enforcement and a H that was ambiguously related to the crime. I think the heroine was called Mia Snow. Anyway, in that book, I hated the heroine because on top of being stubborn and pushing the H away (something that Eve does sometimes too), she was too unwavering in her decisions, too rigid, too… inhuman. But Eve, without lacking bad-assery, is also a woman and that added a whole lot of complexity to her character and dynamics, especially with Roarke. I liked how she confided in him at times, how she let him help her and how she caved to his seductions.

“A nonregistered system is in violation of Code four fifty-three-B, section thirty-five.”
“I can’t tell you how aroused it makes me when you quote codes, lieutenant.”


Now, Roarke, my handsome, clever, mysterious Roarke. I loved everything about his character, from the way he talked to the way he was always so completely in control, and also his attachment to Eve. He’s the first one to be taken aback by his feelings, but he never denies them and he’s the one trying to convince her that they should at least try to be together. In this respect, he reminded me a lot of Bones from The Night Huntress series, and if you know me, you know there’s no better compliment I could have made.

“Do I steal, cheat, and smuggle now?” He turned and touched a hand to her face. “Oh, you’d hate that, wouldn’t you? I almost wish I could say yes, then give it all up for you.”.”

You understand why it is impossible not to fall for him?

The style is top-notch and the mystery too was complicated enough to tease me and frustrate me (in a totally good way).

I would absolutely recommend it, and can’t wait to read more about Eve, Roarke, and their world. Their romance story is only budding in “Naked in Death” but promises great things in the future. They’re the kind of couple that never runs stale or out of fire.

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