My Life in Books Tag

I found out about this book tag a couple days ago at Never Turn the Lights Off and thought it was different than the usual tag. So this is “My Life in Books Tag”. I’ll try to pick books that I’ve not previously over-mentioned, to spice things up a bit.

Find a book for each of your initials

Since I’m not going to tell you my real name ;), I’m going to be using my bookish one:

T- Touch (Denazen, #1)“Touch” by Accardo.

This book hooked me and set itself from all other YAs. I truly liked it. I found fascinating how the heroine was the strong one in the relationship and how the hero was constantly learning from her, being some kind of sheltered alien. Unfortunately, the sequel was awful and I’ve read spoilers about the third that had me writing it off the TBR list.

R- Rusty Nailed (Cocktail, #2)“Rusty Nailed” by Clayton

This book is the continuation of Caroline and Simon’s story, which started in “Wallbanger”. Now, after reading lots of this author’s works, I can tell “Wallbanger”, alas, was one special snowflake. “Rusty Nailed” was a fun, easy read, but it didn’t have the originality that made “Wallbanger” stand out, and the plot didn’t leave me panting for more. Still, Clayton is the queen of hilarious romances, and also the novella regarding the couple “Last Call” was outstanding, way better than this instalment.

Count your age along your bookshelf: What book is it?

Since the closest thing to an organized bookshelf is my GR’s “read” shelf, I’m gonna choose the 21st book on it, starting from the bottom so I don’t choose too recent ones

Lover Eternal (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #2)Rhage, Rhage, Rhage… I love you… I mean, I love this book *clears throat*. This was one of my favorites instalments in one of the best PNR series out there. Rhage and Mary’s story was amazing. He’s this big bad-ass warrior falling in love with one of the sweetest, most altruist, heroines ever. She’s also struggling with a sickness that will add twists and turns to their romance… oh, and did I forget to mention there’s a dragon involved too?

If you’re a PNR lover and for some weird coincidence have never read the Black Dagger Brotherhood books, then drop everything and just start reading it!

Pick a book set in your city/state/country 

 Roman Crazy

Italy… I chose this book because it’s on my TBR, although I’m not from Rome. Actually, I’ve read other books set in Italy, although none in my own city, Florence.

Pick a book that represents a destination you’d love to travel to

Kissing Eden (Kissing Eden, #1)


“Kissing Eden” by T.A. Foster. This whole series was reeeally good, in kind of a guilty-pleasure way. Still, the grumpy H was an original choice, and the setting was an integral part of the story.

This series was a fast, sweet, enjoyable read and I wouldn’t mind an easy re-read.

Pick a book that’s your favorite color

Tempting the Player (Gamble Brothers, #2)


As you can tell, my favorite color is green. I also love fucsia and burgundy… hmm. Anyway, tempting the player was… hot, but kind of soulless. This is a trio of standalones by an author I adore. Still, I think Armentrout is amazing at NA and YA, while her adult ones leave a little depth to be desired. “Tempting the Player” was not even my favorite, but if you’re looking for some quality smut, then it’s perfect.

Which book do you have the fondest memories of?

The Secret of Ella and Micha (The Secret, #1)


This book was one of my first plunges in broken-by-life NA. I loved this whole series!!! It was my favorite by this author, especially since the other series were thick with angst and desperation. Instead, Micha and Ella’s story was raw and flawed but glorious. Their romance felt epic. I think to this day it stays my favorite childhood friends to lovers romance. It doesn’t get more meant-to-be than this. They are two souls who couldn’t ever be with anyone  else of not the other.

Which book did you have the most difficulty reading?

The Shadows (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #13)

Just too many POVs, too much depression, and not enough of what makes the BDB series so terrific. It was the dullest instalment, and the ending didn’t help, although the author may have announced new interesting scenarios regarding these characters.

Which book in your TBR pile will give you the biggest accomplishment when you finish it? 



I’ve only ever read “Archer’s Voice” by Mia Sheridan, but I already know Kyland is going to be incredible. I’ve read amazing reviews about it and can’t wait to find a slot of time to fit it in.

The tag is over! If you liked it, then consider yourself tagged.

Good evening and share the love!


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    • taliaredhotink says:

      I know the feeling! I have a special folder on my browser’s favorites just for blogging things I want to do but don’t have time for. I’m hoping to catch up now that my schedule isn’t that hectic anymore.
      Looking forward to reading your tags, when you’ll have time 🙂

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