Review: “Blood Vow” by JR Ward

Blood Vow (Black Dagger Legacy, #2)Blood Vow by J.R. Ward

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“But how do I know you’ll come home safe?”
Rhage blinked. “I am never not coming back to you and Mary.”
“What if you die, though?”
His first thought was:

There are not appropriare enough words to describe how much I love this woman’s style. I’m a sucker for pop culture references and all those names turned into verbs. If her style were a person, I’d hump their leg like a Chiwawa in heat.

Now, before she gets a restraining order against me, let’s get to the book. The main couples here are Axe and Elise and Rhage and Mary.

Now, Rhage is my favorite brother. I adore everything about him, his lighthearted spirits, his goofyness (not sure he could ever be described as goofy, though) and his utter devotion for his Mary. Although in this book his and Mary’s story is rather tormented and broke my heart more than once, seeing them relying on each other to be strong awed me. I think this is the beauty of already knowing the characters, and already having read about them, multiple times… everything is more powerful, every feeling more poignant, and you already know whatever happens, they’ll face it together.

“When it’s your kids, it’s just a whole different level.” Rhage started to bang his head against the wall, and then worried that it might disturb Bitty and the doctors. “You know, I wasn’t prepared for this. I mean, I thought the hard part about being a dad was going to be the arguments—like her bringing some knuckle-dragging mouth breather home and expecting me not to slice off his smooth criminals and plant them in the yard. But this? I want to be the one going through it for her. It’s just not fair.”
Z held his stare, solid as a rock, about as far from psychotic as the brother had once been knee-deep in the crazy. “You are a tremendous father, you know that. You’re the real deal.”

Seeing them with Bitty was always the best part. Especially Rhage and Bitty together are the stuff romance bookworms’ dreams are made of. He’s so protective, funny and tender with her. And the way they would “gang together” against Mary was just… awwww.

The other couple, Axe and Elise, surprised me.

You didn’t need to know the specifics about a male like that to be fully aware he was a Taylor Swift song waiting to happen.

I was curious about Axe and was totally happy that he ended up with someone the likes of Elise. They were different and I loved how Axe had a 180° about his ways and fell for her the way a true bonded male would.

Their story was the vampire version of Romeo and Juliet. He’s the dark, tatted, pierced commoner and she’s the daughter of an aristocrat. He doesn’t think he’s worthy of her while all she sees is the valiant warrior heart beating in his inked chest.

The attraction was palpable since the very first moment they laid eyes on each other, and the way their story progressed was refreshing. I didn’t care much for Elise’s quest for independency, although I liked the angst added by her murdered cousin to it, but it was interesting to see how they grew closer and closer so naturally. I also liked how they didn’t really resist that attraction. It seemed pointless, and it allowed us to witness many sweet, steamy moments that were just priceless. Oh, I also loved that scene when Elise’s out with another guy and Axe just shows up to make sure she’s safe… and also steal her from her date. Anyway, it was such a great scene!

“You are so beautiful right now,” he murmured, refocusing on her lips. “And I know that tonight it’s all for him. That’s okay. I accept that. But the least that you can do as I sit here and watch you with that man is leave me in peace to enjoy the sight of you. It is all I have.”
“So you thought of me, too,” he said, well aware that he was seducing her with the tone of voice he was using. “Were you up all day, twisting and turning in those fancy sheets, imagining me on you … in you.”
As she gasped, he leaned forward. “I’ll pretend all you want. If that’s what it takes for us to work together. I’ll never talk about this …” He motioned between them. “… thing between us again. I’ll be a good boy who keeps his hands to himself—his fantasies, too. But in this moment, honest is as honest does—and in my head, I’m making love to you. Right on that table over there, right in front of him to prove I can.”

Yeah, I know. And the hot scenes between the two of them are seriously windowshield-foggying.

So, if Elise was a very fine, yet not memorable character, Axe was truly amazing. His background story was so different from all the Brothers and trainee’s ones, and it laced perfectly around his personality and issues.

Another thing, I’m finding myself liking the Legacy’s books even more than the latest BDB ones because of the fewer POVs and the major focus on the romantic part. Sure, there’s still lots of action, and trainees dramas, and that desperation clinging to certain characters like it’s a second skin in total Ward’s style, but all in all they’re lighter reads, with lots more fun moments…

…like every time Lassiter appears. That last scene, it cracked me up. He’s the most awesome, fabulous and fun character ever. I wish I could tuck him in my pocket and bring him with me everywhere. Maybe keep him away from chimneys 😉


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