Review: “Hooked on the Game” by C.M. Owens

Hooked on the Game (Sterling Shore, #1)Hooked on the Game by C.M. Owens

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So, at first I’d rated this book five stars… but then had to drop one because I’m trying to be a little more selective and because after a couple of weeks, this book hasn’t really stayed with me the way a five stars should.

Now, it was definitely an enjoyable read. Kind of a guilty read, though. Why so? Because we have an heroine who, for how sassy and spunky, kinda has an inferiority complex and for the whole book cannot fathom why the H wants her. She keeps referring to herself as the conman’s daughter, as if she could never be anything more. She pretends to be strong and unaffected by the mean people in her life, but she fails miserably… and the hero almost always has to comes to the rescue.

This is why this is a guilty pleasure. Because I shouldn’t like a heroine who needs saving, or who needs a H to protect her from nasty rumors or stuff like that. I shouldn’t like an H like Kade, who’s an alpha through and through, without abyss-like depths. And yet this book worked for me. Was the h kind of a damsel in distress sometimes? Yep, yet I liked those scenes. Was the H OTT at times? Yup.

This book is the definition of a very enjoyable read that makes you swoon for sure, even if maybe it doesn’t leave an imprint. I kinda liked the ending, with the h finally showing some of her mad skillz, but didn’t appreciate how little we saw of Kade in that part of the book.

The plot all in all was fine, a tad make-believe sure, but fine. Also, the whole situation reminded me a lot of “Paper Princess” and the Royal trilogy in general, with a very influential family and the “white trash” girl crashing in their lives and changing them, amid scandals, posh trips and secrets. All of which may not be realistic, but hell if I don’t love this kind of things.

Lastly, I loved their group of friends and can’t want to read about Tag and all the others!


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