Review: “Worth It” by S.M. Shade & C.M. Owens

Worth ItWorth It by S.M. Shade and C.M. Owens

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 Jill stars.

Was this book fun? Yep.

Was it hilarious? Yes.

Was it crazy? Hell yeah.

Did it make me swoon? Kind of. I loved Kasha’s romance with Roman, although Henley’s story wasn’t as intriguing. All in all, I wouldn’t say either of them were epic romances, but the whole package was quite nice.

As we get up to leave, he yells at her again. “This coffee tastes like shit! And it’s cold!”
My eyes meet Dorothy’s. “Let me translate. I speak asshole pretty well. He would like another cup of coffee, even though there’s nothing wrong with his. What he really wants is to feel like a man, and since the tiny appendage between his legs won’t let him, he gets off by being rude to women.”
“She-she called me an asshole!” he splutters.
Turning to Dorothy, I shrug. “I honestly thought he knew.”

Basically, this book is the equivalent of a dirty romantic comedy movie. There’s a wedding, there’s an evil bridezilla and two chicks plotting revenges against the whole wedding party. And while the crazy is underway, two of the three chicks find their HEA. Nothing too out of the norm, if not for the outragiously hilarious quality of it all. I’m not saying I LOL-ed at every single page, because sometimes the things were either too crazy or they involved such a level of embarrassment they made me blush or gasp rather than laugh. Still, I enjoyed it very much. It’s the perfect light read.

“I thought you said we didn’t have sex.”
“Really glad we didn’t, since you obviously don’t remember this. How could you forget making my cock sing “I Will Always Love You” to your vagina?”
My eyes widen as he bursts out laughing. “I didn’t,” I groan, but I bet I did. It wouldn’t be my first dick chorus. Usually that comes a little later in a relationship though. You know a guy is a keeper when he lets you use your fingertips to make his pee hole move with the words like the little guy is the one belting out those awesome lyrics.
Try it. It’s epic.

See what I’m talking about? And this book is this level of awesome crazy from the beginning to the end. Some of the stunts they pulled were actually funny and clever, but others were plain gross or idiotic. I guess this is why the last half star fell.

Kasha was my favorite character. She’s… insane, there’s no other way to put it. She lost one of her arms and is now wearing Jill, a robotical arm which is itself a character. Kasha is the life of the book, IMO, and the banter between Roman and her was amazing.

This is to show her thinking processes…

Roman: “I go to work, then I go home, then I eat, go over some work files, sleep, then start all over again.”
I frown while gazing up at him as he stares thoughtfully over the lake.
“What about girls? I know there are lots of girls.”
Yes, I’m doing the coy thing where I pretend like I’m totally cool with that, while secretly waiting to make a mental list of other women to kill and get out of my way. Hiding bodies is the most important part of plotting a murder. This zen ground would be an excellent burial ground.

Roman was a great character, too. I liked how taken aback and thrilled he was at every insane thing Kasha and Henley did, and how he jumped aboard the crazy train. He’s a guy whose life is as exciting as a night-stand, and not of the “one” variety. It was sweet to see him letting himself go and falling deeper and deeper for Kasha. It was like seeing him learn how to live. It added a bit of depth to a book that is mostly fun. But also Kasha’s relationship to her parents was surprising and more human than I would have guessed given the type of fiction.

Lydia comes out of the bathroom, smiling and shaking her head at us. “You sluts,” she teases. “You both look like you’ve been rode hard and put away wet.”
“I’m not a slut. I just have a friendly vagina,” I toss back, and head off to shower, leaving Kasha to tell our plans to Lydia.



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