Books I read in 2016 I want to re-read in 2017

Many books made the 5 stars cut in 2016. I’m a big softie and if I like a book, then I’ll give it 5 stars. I’m now trying to be more selective, but… yeah, I’m still a big softie and it’s not turning out that great. Cue all the stars already piling up.

Also, sometimes a book can deserve 5 stars but it’s a one time thing. Maybe because the plot twists were a big part of what made that book so amazing, so having already all the cats out of the bag takes the magic out of it. Or maybe it’s one of the super-emotional ones that you’re glad destroyed your heart, but you wouldn’t subject yourself to the same passion again.

So these are the books I read in 2016 that I enjoyed so much, in every little, perfect part of them, that I’m hoping to re-read in 2017.

I’ll list them chronologically, the way I read them, and not in any order of preference. You don’t set a classification of your kids, now, do you?

#Junkie (GearShark, #1)

Trent and Drew’s story blew me away. It was one of my first M/M romances and I already knew and loved the characters, but their connection came as a complete surprise.

Idol (VIP, #1)

First book in the VIP series, it surprised me with its great banter and amazing characterization. It’s one of those books filled with happy times and wonderful dynamics that plaster a goofy smile on your face.

Neighbor DearestDamien is one of my all-the-times book boyfriends. And his friends-to-lovers relationship with Chelsea is full of very fond memories, banter, fun, warm feelings and just… love. This book hit me right in the feels, even being a “happy” one.

Paper Princess by Erin Watt The Royal’s trilogy was a true rollercoaster. I finished it in three/four days and it left me with an unprecedented hungover. It’s a total guilty read, seeing how unrealistic all of it was, with a splash of soap opera and drama-llama, yet these two authors turned this quirky mix into something belonging to readers’ heaven

Him (Him #1) First book by Sarina Bowen (even though co-written) I’d ever read. I knew it would be good, but I didn’t think it would be so effortless the way the two characters fell for each other. There was less angst than I’d expected and that sure made this novel a must-re-read.

Managed (VIP, #2)This book was pure goodness from the very beginning to the very end. Again, angst levels were super-low and I loved both characters to bits. As Damien, Gabriel climbed the book boyfriend’s list fast and furiously.

So these are my must-re-read for 2017. Since they’re only 9 (counting the three in the Royals and Trent and Drew’s duology) (see, I can be selective when I want!) I’m quite positive I’ll be able to read most of them. Yay for me!

What are you must-re-read for this year?


6 thoughts on “Books I read in 2016 I want to re-read in 2017

  1. taliaredhotink says:

    Yes. It’s still about them. At first the author said it would also be the last about the couple, but recently I read a Q&A where she stated she’d really like to write about them getting married and such, maybe another book or an epilogue of sorts. Still, there’s nothing concrete yet, because as she’s always said: “Trent is shy. It takes him time to tell me his stories.” ❤


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