Review: Pucked (Pucked #1) by Helena Hunting

Pucked (Pucked, #1)Pucked by Helena Hunting

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Beave and MC stars

Now, if I only had to rate the book based on the hero, the stars would probably be 5. I loved Alex Waters. He’s an interesting character, because at first glance all you see is your typical brainless jock, handsome but short on synapses. Then you get to know him and find out about his love for literature, his wit, and his gentle soul. Now, this is not to say that he’s not an alpha-man, only that he values other people’s feelings and that he’s a really considerate boyfriend (it melted me how he would ask Violet whether she was okay before doing anything, every single time). Also, he’s not a man-whore, but a fake-man-whore, and it’s clear since the very beginning that he’s interested in a real relationship with Violet.

I’m a sucker for man-chasers in relationships and this totally delivered on that front.

The same cannot be said about Violet. She is… different than what I had expected. In the first chapters, she describes herself as a private, almost shy person, who sometimes is affected by verbal diarrhea. I was totally okay with it, also thought it would be funny to see her personality meet Alex’s. But then she kept acting exuberantly, outspokenly and yes, the verbal diarrhea was there, but that shy-private characteristics I would have loved to find in her character weren’t there.

Also, this book is high on the heat. I liked it. I mean, who doesn’t like some naughty times in romance? But maybe there was a bit too much of it. I always prefer it when the characters get to know each other also outside of the bedroom. Now, Violet is convinced that what they have is only physical and I understand her reserves considering Alex’s (even though fake) reputation. Still, it frustrated me how, after everything he did for her and considering the way he treated her and made it clear she was his one and only, she resisted falling for him for so long.

What I have a problem with is the main source of drama in the book (since the plot was really character-driven and linear). There’s this turning point in which Alex publicly denies his relationship with Violet after telling her he would instead acknowledge it. She knew, though, the possible reasons why he would have had to be vague about. Now, I may be a very practical woman, but I thought it wasn’t such a big deal.

Her going radio-silent, immediately breaking-up with him and all that jazz only because he denied their relationship in front of the press (all the while being an outstanding boyfriend while in private: having her meet his parents, buying her thoughtful gifts, just being an overall gentleman) was too dramatic for me. Sure, I would have gotten pissed, but it didn’t seem such a deal-breaker, while all the drama that ensued (and the endless grovel) was caused by it. Believe me, this guy’s grovel game is strong. What is a big deal for me is trust. And I know many readers may have interpreted it the other way around, but I felt like Violet had no trust in Alex. Yes, he fucked up, but if she’d really trusted him, they could have worked together on getting over it.

Last point, the humour. I liked it… the 70% of the time. I found it funny how the heroine felt completely fine calling her hoo-haa the Beave and referring to her boyfriend’s penis as “Monster Cock” (see what I mean about her not being reserved or shy at all!!!). Still, usually what gets me laughing is: sarcasm, irony and clever jokes. Nerdy banter is always appreciated either. But crafting a cape for your boyfriend’s monster cock and subsequently risking to cut off his circulation because he got an erection and the cape is fastened too tight… it might get a smile out of me, but I’m not going to LOL.

In conclusion. Was it a good book? Yeah, it was. I liked lots of scenes containing Alex and Violet and also Butterson, Violet’s brother. The locker room scene was priceless and c’mon, who doesn’t like a hot-hockey-player, captain of his team, alpha on and off the ice, although with a sweet side? I’d say this book is of the guilty-pleasure variety, not exceptional, but entertaining. I also liked how Alex woo-ed Violet and broke down her resistance, making her trust him and showing her he’s a good guy after all.

Will I keep reading this series? Probably, but not right away. This is a perfect feel-good, partly swoony book with simple humour that is perfect when you just want to relax.

Ohh, I almost forgot. I loved how obsessed Alex was with her boobs. It was a charming trait of his, a quirk which is not as common in H as you would think, and a great source of entertainment. Plus, it led to a super hot steamy scene.




5 thoughts on “Review: Pucked (Pucked #1) by Helena Hunting

  1. miathebookaddict says:

    Loved your review Talia. I loved the series and glad you enjoyed it. All the books are hilarious and I really enjoyed reading them. My favorite book of the series is ‘Pucked Off’ which is Lance and Poppy’s story. Looking forward to read your reviews about the rest of the series 🙂

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