Upcoming Releases: April 2017

April is going to be a month full of hot releases from some of my favorite authors. I can’t wait to get my hands on these babies!!!

Image result for the chosen cover ward

April 4th

This book. I’ve been waiting for Layla and Xcor’s story for-ever! Even though I hated her character’s role in Qhiunn and Blay’s story, and found her POVs annoying since they were all updates of her pregnancy, her snippets with Xcor made me re-evaluate Layla’s whole personality. They are perfect together, the attraction off the charts and the forbidden factor sky high!

Mister Moneybags

April 10th

Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland together are a formidable duo. I loved their “Stuck-Up”. “Mister Moneybags” promises to be another great success.

The Hot Shot (Game On, #4)

April 18th

Kristen Callihan is an author who never disappoints. I adored every book written by her, both in the Game On and the VIP series. Also, I’ve been approved for an ARC of this beauty and will dig in as soon as I  get it, because no one writes better sports romance than Callihan… maybe not even Kennedy or Bowen. (Okay, now I’m being blasphemous. But she is one of the biggest sports romance writers for me).

This is Effortless (The Checkmate Duet #4)

April 25th

As usual, K and F threw us for a loop at the end of “This Is Reckless”. That damn cliffy was excruciating!!! So here I am, counting the days until this is released, or the ARCs are announced, because every single hour counts when finding out Courtney’s reaction to Mia Fucking Montgomery’s craziness.

Sin With Me (Bad Habit #3)

April 25th

I love the “Bad Habit” series because it’s kind of a guilty pleasure, with its spunky heroines, OTT drama and uber-protective alpha rock-stars. I also love it because the dialogues are witty and it now feels like coming home to a big, loud, funny family. I’ve always been curious about Grace’s character because of her amnesia, and the plot twist at the end of “Make Me Sin” surely hints at lots of angst and drama between her and Brody. So far (I’m reading it right now), it’s hilarious, cute as a button (A.J. is being such an endearing papa-bear) and sassy as hell.

What are your “can’t wait for it to be released” books for this April?


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