My Ultimate Reading Nook

It’s no secret we bookworms have developed the art of reading whenever, wherever, be it in public transport, waiting rooms or on the OB/GYN’s table while getting examined. Just kidding, kind of. But I mean, read-walking is a thing and also a miracle how I’m not a pancake under someone’s tires.

Anyway, today’s topic will be just about that. Not pancakes, but reading nooks. My reading nook. The most perfect, heavenly, reading spot I can come up with.

First things first, where? As in, in which room?

Since I was a teeny tiny bookworm, reading YA fantasies and kiddies’ stories, I dreamed of my reading nook being in the attic, far away from every other distraction. There would be dark wood everywhere, creaky floorboards and a big bow window covered in soft, dark-red padding. Also, since I’m one of those people whose feet are always blocks of ice, I’d love a nice faux fur blanket where to bury them while on a cozy sectional during the winter’s months.

Luxe Ivory Faux Fur Throw

Since I’m not a huge fan of natural light, I’ll need curtains, probably dark ones.  I know, it’s a bit Gothic, but this is my fantasy reading nook, so everything goes.

Cotton Velvet Drape in Port - 50" x 84"

As I said, since there would hardly be any natural light, I’d need some sort of artificial one. While my first go-to light would would be a string of white Christmas-like lights, I’d constantly worry about if setting my precious books on fire, so it’s a no-no. Plus, there’s nothing more dramatic than the beam of light cast by a lamp. It’s not a coincidence cops interrogate their suspects under the stark light of pendent lamps. At least they do in movies, and we all know we can trust the telly to set us straight on the truth 😉

So, in the spirit of interrogation rooms, I’d choose this. I love naked bulbs and it would go hand in hand with my decaying attic.

Henri 2.5" Swag Kit in Antiqued Brass

In my house I usually read in bed, since I don’t have a armchair in the bedroom… wait, I actually don’t have one in my entire house. But sometimes it’d be nice to just bury myself in a plush engulfing armchair, rigorously with my legs draped over the arm-rest.

Chapman 42" Leather Tufted Chair in Bidford Sycamore

I’ll also need another lamp to keep close to the chair, And since I’m a very outdoorsy person (*snorts*) why not go for a lamp resembling a branch.

Faux Bois 18” Floor Lamp With Bark Texture

And now to the big finale:

drums roll…

Where should I store my books? Now, in my fantasy reading nook, I don’t own dozens of books, I own thousands of them. So I’d need a huge shelf, as in the mother of all shelves. What all little shelves want to become when they grow up and are finally able to contain a whole encyclopedia without going all Jenga. Something like this would work. Like, three or four of these, until not even an inch of wall is visible anymore.

Athens Modular Large Wall Unit In Tuxedo BlackBecause… ladder. Am I right or am I right?

But, dulcis in fundo, I’d also need somewhere special where to put the favorites. Those books I don’t want to have to browse through the library to find, but which I want to have right in front of my eyes. I already have a pedestal in my room for my favorite book, so I’ll go with something different and put two of these back to back smack dab in the middle of the room. Also to change a bit the color scheme, lest my eyes don’t know how to recognize light colors anymore.

Athens Modular TV Unit With 2 End Angled Bookcases In French White

Well, this is it. As you can see, I went for dark, cozy, and heavy as hell. Probably no attic could bear all the weight gain I’d put it through, feeding it with hardwood shelves and thousands of hardbacks, but it’s a dream and in dreams floors have the strength of a thousand fantasy heroes.

What is your dream reading nook?

 (all pictures were taken from

For more inspiration, check out Arhaus on Twitter!


10 thoughts on “My Ultimate Reading Nook

  1. Jazz says:

    Oh my god, I am LOVING that bookcase/ladder set! Even if I wind up living in the tiniest of apartments, I will definitely make room for that beauty of a bookcase! I wish you the very best of luck in crafting your perfect reading nook 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • taliaredhotink says:

      Yes, that book-case is absolutely amazing! I hadn’t even thought about adding a ladder, but as soon as I saw it I knew it was the perfect finishing touch. I hope we both end up with just enough space in our future homes to fit that and all our books.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Beware Of The Reader says:

    Haha my nook would be in a room with big windows, view on the garden with two walls with overflowing shelves. A big sofa too. Natural light.😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • taliaredhotink says:

      It sounds like a very idilliac place and I love the garden idea… even though I’d probably just stare at it from the inside. I’m a couch potato like that, lol. And yasss about the big sofa. It was a close second to the armchair 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. miathebookaddict says:

    I am basically reading anywhere like public transportation, waiting rooms, bedroom, living room and even read while walking (which can be dangerous lol). But I can describe my dream reading nook 🙂 When I own my house I want to turn one room to a library that will have huge windows and comfy couch right by the window so I can have natural light and a nice view so that I can enjoy reading and the view :))

    Liked by 1 person

    • taliaredhotink says:

      Read-walking is absolutely dangerous. I almost wrapped myself around a lamp-post the other day but it was worth it 🙂 And I seem to be the odd one out when natural light is concerned. But I agree on dedicating one whole room to reading. Some people have home-gyms, we want home-libraries!

      Liked by 1 person

      • taliaredhotink says:

        Ouch, that must have hurt! I try to keep read-walking to a minimum because with all the tourists around town is already hard enough to walking while watching. But sometimes you have that special book on your kindle and waiting to reach home is a lost battle.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Alex says:

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