Get To Know Me Tag

Hello! Mia at Mia the Book Addict tagged me for this wonderful tag so here I am, answering this rapid fire of questions about myself.

Vital Stats:

  • Name: Talia (at least in the literary world)
  • Nicknames: none, really.
  • Birthday: September 19th
  • Star Sign: Virgo
  • Occupation: Forensic Psychology graduate student


  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Hair Length: Longish right now. I need to cut them for the summer!
  • Eye Color: Brown.
  • Best Feature: I like my eyes and naturally long eyelashes (I hate applying mascara)
  • Braces: When I was a kid. I stopped using them when I was around 14 or 15.
  • Piercings: Only in my ears, and I don’t think I’ll get more. I’m okay like this.
  • Tattoos: No tattoos and even though I like seeing them on other people, I don’t know if I’d be brave enough to get one. I kind of want to, but it would need to be something highly symbolical and important for me.
  • Right or Left: Leftie!


  • Real Holiday: I don’t remember much about my childhood holidays but hands down my favorite one was when I went to  San Francisco for two weeks at age 17.
  • Best Friend: E., high school friend and desk-mate of 5 years. I don’t see her much these days unfortunately.
  • Award: Once I got nominated for a physics’ stage which was a blast. Oh, and no idea if it counts as an award, but I graduated cum laude.
  • Concert: None… at least not in the canonical sense, with the big crowds, spotlighted stage and fog machine. Anyway, I practically grew up in an opera theater. Don’t know what the first concert I saw was, though.


  • TV Show(s): right now I’m loving “The Leftovers”. Other favorites are “Sherlock” and “Outlander.”
  • Color: Burgundy and Green.
  • Song: Ah-ah. Too many. At the moment, I can’t stop singing Feeling Good by Nina Simone.
  • Restaurant: I very rarely go out to eat, but I love our Italian Cuisine, especially when fish is involved!
  • Shop: EVERY BOOK STORE!!!!!
  • Books: seriously? I  have to name some? All right: Night Huntress Series, An Exaltation of Larks, BDB series by Ward, Game On and Off Campus series, WAGs series, Forbidden Men series… and I could go on, for HOURS
  • Shoes: those which keep my feet warm and comfortable. Honestly, I don’t care for them.


  • Feeling: Satisfied and relaxed. This morning I passed my driving license’s exam.
  • Single or Taken: Single AF and ready to do something about it once I’ll move to NY. The big apple better be prepared for me.
  • Eating: homemade lemon popsicle.
  • Thinking About: the atmosphere I want my next design to have. It’d cover-day today.
  • Watching: Masterchef. Guilty pleasure.
  • Wearing: Tank top and short (couch potato version, nothing fancy)


  • Want Children: I guess. Only if I find the right person, though. They’re not a priority.
  • Want to be Married: Yup, one day. Right now I’m just missing the raw material, aka, the other half of my apple, the dryer to my washer, the salt to my pepper, the Sarina Bowen to my Elle Kennedy, the Jekyll to my Hyde.
  • Careers in Mind: in a perfect world, I’d work as a behavioral analyst for the FBI a-la Criminal Minds one day. In this world, I’m keeping my options open, but I love my field of study and I get passionate about almost everything I’m doing so we’ll see where life will lead me.

Do You Believe in:

  • God: Not really… I have my days.
  • Miracles: Nope.
  • Love at First Sight: I believe in connections at first sight, although it’s more like “at first talk”. You know, when you meet someone, exchange a couple sentences and think: “Wow, this person doesn’t suck and I actually want to keep talking to them and see them again!”.
  • Ghosts: Nah, I’m a woman of science.
  • Aliens: as in those green creatures with huge eyes and a fascination for phones? Nope. As in bacterial or vegetable life forms in other planets? Sure.
  • Soul Mates: No. I also believe a person can love more than one man or woman in their life.
  • Heaven & Hell: Not really. I’m a bit of a nihilist when the afterlife is concerned.
  • Kissing on the First Date: Probably not. Nothing better than a slow burn. Plus, to me it means more if you know the person a bit.
  • Yourself: Yes, I do. My confidence is not sky-high all the time, but my self-efficacy is always off the charts. When I set my mind on something, when I want something bad enough, there’s no stopping me.

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12 thoughts on “Get To Know Me Tag

  1. miathebookaddict says:

    Congratulations for passing your driving license’s exam 🙂 And I am crossing my fingers for you to find ‘the other half of your apple, the dryer to your washer, the salt to your pepper, the Sarina Bowen to your Elle Kennedy, the Jekyll to your Hyde’ in NYC 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • taliaredhotink says:

      I look forward to reading your answers, especially those about ghosts and aliens. LOL. I actually have a couple relatives who are convinced of having psychic abilities and seeing the dead, I kid you not. So far, my grannies still haven’t given me any winning lottery numbers.


  2. Steph says:

    “Single or Taken: Single AF and ready to do something about it once I’ll move to NY. The big apple better be prepared for me.” This made me LOL. Go to Brooklyn, that’s where all the cute Italian boys are 😉


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