Review: The Wining Bid by Michelle Windsor

The Winning Bid (The Auction Series #1)The Winning Bid by Michelle Windsor

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


4 Just choose me stars


This book starts in medias res, with a boom. We’re catapulted in a submissive auction in which Hannah is being auctioned off for the first time. She needs the money to pay for her shop and is willing to sell herself for a weekend to the highest bidder in order to keep her dream afloat.

Even without being a fan of erotica and BDSM, I was immediately engrossed. I’m not well-acquainted with this world so the whole situation was interesting and new to me.

But first of all I want to say that the writing style is amazing. If my rating was to be based merely on the style, this book would be a solid 5 stars. The words flow flawlessly, the narration is on point, the dialogues realistic and the prose just catches you.

Despite the wonderful writing, it lost me a bit around the halfway point because the sex was still preponderant and I was ready to get a little deeper into their relationship besides the physical. I have to say, my wish was granted and I was pleasantly surprised by how normal their dynamics were at times. When I think of a Dom/Sub relationship, I expect more coldness and nonchalance from the hero, what with him always being in control. I also expect a way more submissive heroine. Instead, Drew is taken by surprise by his growing attraction and feelings for Scarlett (this is the name Hannah gives him) and his Dom mask slips more than once, revealing a guy who’s not afraid to put his heart on the line.

Hannah is also a closet spitfire. She’s a new submissive and even though she tries to fit the role, sometimes she talks back, pushes his buttons, teases him and doesn’t know how to handle the situation.

I really appreciated this twist in the trope because it made it different, even though I must say I haven’t read many books with this trope. Still, it felt different.

“Since the moment I saw you walk onto that stage last night, something about you captivated me. I don’t usually take baths or sleep with my subs. You — and what you’re making me feel — are what’s confusing, Scarlett. I’m in unexplored territory here.”

The pace of the story was good, although the plot wasn’t that complicated. It was more focused on what was going on between them rather that involving other characters or external situations. I have a feeling that the outer world and both the MC’s families will have a bigger role in the second book in the series.

My favorite part was undoubtedly their “date” after the masquerade ball. They were at their most genuine. The ending didn’t really surprise me but knowing Drew and the length he’d go to be with his mysterious woman, I’m sure he’ll manage to get his girl back no matter the cost.

Last, but definitely not least, the heath level. You can easily assume it was off the charts hot and you’d be right. I guess it also goes hand in hand with the great writing style. Nonetheless, there was a LOT of hotness. Maybe a little too much, as I already stated, for my very personal preferences. Still, I’m sure that readers who are more into this particular genre than me will adore it from start to finish.


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