Review: “Trucker” by Jamie Schlosser

truckerTitle: Trucker

Author: Jamie Schlosser

Genre: Contemporary Romance / NA

Series: The Good Guys

This book deserves way more than five stars!!!! I loved every single bit of it, and wouldn’t have changed even a comma.

Definitely one of my favorites this year!

If you love sweet, caring, yet sexy heroes, bubbly heroines, and almost non-existent angst, then this book is perfect for you.

It’s been a while since I couldn’t find myself able to rip my eyes off a book and found every excuse to sneak away with my kindle. But from the very start, this was the case. From the Dedication, I knew this was going to be good.

To all the romance addicts out there who love to read about a good guy – this one is for you

Right at this moment I was already gone. Hook, line and sinker.

Now, let’s start the dissection. Why was this book amazing?

Low angst. You know I can’t stand my heart to be shredded or pushed and pulled here and there. In this book, there was some externally caused drama, but the relationship between the MC was strong from the very beginning. And apart from a few bumps in the road, it was mostly smooth sailing. Sometimes I complain about books getting boring because there’s nothing to spice them up, but in this case, I simply devoured it. There were enough things going on, even normal things, to keep me glued to the pages, as well as enough emotions. It wasn’t just happy happy happy. There were a few moments in which my heart was breaking at their situation.

“I mean, we can make this work. The distance doesn’t matter,” he said, looking down at me. “I might be here, but I still belong to you.” Swoon.

Theirs is a “first love” kind of story, which could have worked with teenagers too, but I liked how they were both older because the life-changing decisions they made about each other, about Angel’s future, etc, were way more fitting to their age. Still, the feeling I got was that of two young people discovering the colors of love for the first time.

“Sexy truckers like Pinterest, too. But don’t tell anyone. It’s kind of a secret.”

The HERO! OMG, Travis is one hell of a book boyfriend. He should be nominated for “good guy of the year”. He’s truly the sweetest, most thoughtful and simply amazing guy ever. Still, his masculinity and sexyness isn’t hindered. His profession being at odds with his personality, but also dispelling certain sterotypes regarding the job. He’s a virgin, a gentleman, and one “fine piece of ass” as eighty-year-old Beverly keeps saying. He’s never had a serious girlfriend and what he feels for Angel takes him by surprise, as well as the sudden spurts of jealousy when other guys, even his best friend, compliment her or give signs of appreciation. It was endearing. He honestly doesn’t know how to approach this thing starting between them, but is sure that he wants to see how it plays out. This is one of the things I loved the most. Even though they know their time together is limited, they still dive in, exploring their feelings and, simply, falling in love.

“You really don’t have to do that, you know. Not only can I get into a truck by myself, I can get out, too.” She smiled cheekily.
“I know,” I told her. “But I want to do things right tonight.”
“Is this a date?” she asked candidly, her head cocked to the side.
“Yes,” I said without hesitation.

Angel. She’s a unique character. Maybe too naive? Maybe. I liked how quirky she was, even if a bit surreal, because it made for a perfect match for Travis. Seriously, these two together are like a little ball of happiness. They’re their own universe, but without ever crossing the sickeningly sweet line. I loved Angel’s past story and also how forgiving she was towards he mother.

Watching Angel eat was its owwn form of entertainment. She wasn’t shy about how much she ate — which I loved — and more often than not, food ended up somewhere on her face because she was messy as hell. She also talked with her mouth full.
It was endearing. It was adorable. And it made me want to kiss the fuck out of her.

  • The Side Characters It’s rare for me to love side characters as much at the MC. It happened in this case. Colton, the MC of the second book in the series, is a loyal friend who will make you laugh as well as give you sound advice, Travis’ mother and Colton’s father are 3D characters certainly not devoid of flaws. Then Beverly, the potty mouther retiree and Earnie, her high school sweetheart, who’s loved her for his whole life even though they took different paths. Seriously, I rooted for Earnie and Beverly as hard as I did the main couple.

Angel to Earnie.  “You know she’s totally single, right?” I asked, pointing at the house next door. “You should do something about that.”

Also brownie points to the author for writing hot as hell scenes in a book which I’d consider mostly sweet. Both characters are virgins and I was a bit afraid of a fade to black or very un-graphic scenes. But no, we got the hot and dirty and what hot and dirty.

“Oh.” Angel looked relieved, but also a bit embarrassed over the whole conversation. “Well, that makes me feel a little better about it then. I’m sorry I jumped to conclusions. And like I said, it’s none of my business who you’ve slept with.”
“Yes, it is your business,” I said, and she looked surprised. “You like me. And I like you. There’s something here between us and I want to figure out what it is.”

So, if you, like me, love low-angst stories that will make you not only feel good, but downright swoon. If you want to read about different characters, maybe a bit naive, but over-the-moon in love. If you want to fall for the hot trucker who’s one hell of a book boyfriend and laugh out loud at the hilarious and sweet flirt/banter between the two of them, then this book is your next read.

And I’ll even let you honk my horn.” I smirked and waggled my eyebrows.
“Oh, I’ll honk your horn so hard,” she said, her tone completely seriously.
I grunter, trying not to laugh.
“Baby, I love it when you talk trucker to me.”


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