Review: “Dancer” (The Good Guys #2) by Jamie Schlosser

DANCER (The Good Guys #2)DANCER by Jamie Schlosser

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 Cuteness Overload stars


After reading “Trucker” which I loved with every fiber of my being, despite having a stack of ARCs and a TBR already sky high, I immediately one-clicked “Dancer”. Didn’t read the blurb, didn’t even know it was about Colton, although Yay for that!!!

So, I bought it, I read it, and I friggin’ loved it.

Was it as perfect as Trucker? It was one slight notch lower, IMO. But mostly for personal reasons. I loved naive and bubbly Angel more than I did cautious and wary Ellie.

What I definitely adored about this book was their shared past. Childhood friends to lovers is one of my favorite tropes and in this book it was rendered perfectly how, even after all those years, they still felt the same about each other.

My mom said we were like the last two piece of a jigsaw puzzle. I agreed with her because Colton was my other half. From the first moment I saw him, I knew we belonged together.

Or also this overly cute letter he wrote her as a kid.

I miss you. I don’t like our new house. My neighbor came over to play today. I don’t want a new best friend so I punched him in the face.
Love, Colton

My curiosity was also piqued by Ellie’s situation, being a cage dancer, but also a mom. Also, usually when there are single parents involved in romances, there’s always that “I need to be careful of who I let in my and my kid’s life”, which I usually hate, despite understanding it. In this case it wasn’t an issue because Ellie know what kind of person Colton is.

“What’s wrong, Ellie? And don’t say it’s nothing because I know it’s something. Did I do something wrong? Because whatever it is, I’m sorry.”

[Colton should teach classes about: “how to be a top-notch boyfriend”]

Their relationship, still really low in angst, had a bit more up and downs than Angel and Travis’, of which we have a couple of cammeos too.

I also have to admit that I adore to see men with kids. Or at least read about them. Colton is one hell of a nice guy. From the moment he sees Ellie, he knows that she’s what he wants, and not just for one night or a fling. Finding out that she’s a daughter doesn’t change a comma in his feelings, if not for strengthening them.

It was endearing.
It was cute.
It put my ovaries in explosion danger zone.

I spent the next ten minutes glancing into the rearview mirror at Ava as though she was a ticking time bomb, while also driving very carefully because – precious cargo.

Other brownie points go for both the funny-ness of it and the steamy-ness. I found it hotter than the first book, and equally as funny. We know that Colton is one smart-ass and Ellie dishes out as good as she gets. There were no boring moments, what with Colton’s auto-correct fails, kinky mishaps, drunken chats, as well as Ellie’s sweet daughter. She was a consistent present in the narration and I liked that she wasn’t just in the background. There was a time, during my teenage years, in which I didn’t appreciate the presence of kids in books. I thought it diminished the romantic factor. Now? Now I think there’s nothing hotter than a man who can entertain a kid, play with them, educate them and just being a good parental figure, biology be damned.

Also, something I’m a big fan of, even when the heroine had some moments of hesitation, or let doubts eat at her, Colton was there proving her that he’d always be there for her. He was the chaser and he was her rock. That I FLOVED!

They had this insane connection stemming from their past together, that made the romance feel more genuine.

“But will you go on a date with me? Soon?” I asked hopefully.
I didn’t even try to stop myself from sounding desperate. Normally, I would’ve tried to play it cool. But this was Ellie. We could just skip all the bullshit.


“Remember that time you peed your pants?” Giggling, I covered my mouth and Colton’s jaw went slack.
“You promised we’d never speak of that again,” he said, his voice hushed as if someone might overhear. “You pinky swore.”

In conclusion, amazing book, wonderful characters, fun, low on angst, but still a page turner. Sexy,
sweet, and a definite future re-read. Will I read more of this author? Hell yeah, I will. I’ll soon get Drop Out too and have already devoured the short Christmas story from Travis and Angel POV


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