Review: “Fallen Heir” (Royals, #4) by Erin Watt

33807229.jpgFallen Heir (Royals #4) by Erin Watt

4.25 half-ruined stars.

I really liked it, but it didn’t reach the heights of the previous trilogy. I was expecting more emotional rollercoasters, more guilty-pleasure soap-operish drama, which was only present in a small part of the book. And I wanted toe feel the romantic side of it a bit more.

I didn’t particularly care for the Felicity situation, which at times felt ridiculous, but that almost triangle with Bran was definitely a nice touch. I guess the difference with the previous instalments is that I couldn’t sense the threats, the danger, and all the mysteriousness was caused by Hartley’s situation, which we don’t know about for a pretty long time. So I needed something to make my heart rush a bit more.

It was interesting to get into Easton’s head, but I would have liked to see Hartley’s POV. I have a feeling she’d be a great character to get to know a bit better, which is what I’m hoping for the sequel. In this first instalment, I felt kind of detached from her, even though I related to her type of personality, and all of that probably because she was keeping a lot to herself and her pushing Easton away got old quick.

“Okay. So then you’re just so full of yourself that you don’t listen to a word anyone else says. Got it.”
“I listen,” I object.
“Uh-huh. I bet you do.”
“I do!” My solemn expression lasts for about a second before a grin breaks loose. “Like, when chicks say ‘Please, Easton more!’ and ‘Omigod, Easton, you’re the best!’ I’m listening one hundred percent.”
“I know, right? Wow.”
“I don’t think we’re wowing about the same thing.”

Beside that, it was a really good continuation to a series that’s spell-binding. The writing style is flawless and I especially appreciated the scenes between Ella and Easton, even with the sore absence of Reed. Another thing I loved was delving into Easton’s insecurities and how much of a train wreck waiting to happen he was. He’s the most human of all, trying to fix things, trying to help others, trying to cope with all he’s living through and fucking it up royally most of the times. His character didn’t disappoint at all and was 100% in line with the Easton we’d learned to love in the previous books.

Bran shrugs. “Football’s my ticket to a better life. It’s worth the sacrifice. Plus, your body is your temple, right?” I grab a towel and use it to mop my sweaty neck.
“Nah, man,” I answer with a grin. “My body’s a playground. No, wait. It’s an amusement park. Eastonland. Chicks come from far and wide to experience those wild Eastonland rides.”

One thing I adored were the dynamics between Easton and Hartley. He’s not used to be just friends with girls and seeing him trying to make it work, to keep her in his life even at the expense of his impulse, was interesting.

Are you seriously flirting with me now? Hard pass.”
“Hard, eh?” I lick my lips. Yes, I am flirting, because as ordinary as she might look, she intrigues me. And I, Easton Royal, am bound by the laws of the universe to pursue all things interesting.

This book also piqued interest in the twins situation. I had always been more interested in hearing Gideon and Easton’s stories, but learning a bit more about Lauren, the way she treats the twins… it got me curious.

So hold tight because Easton Royal’s right behind the corner, releasing tomorrow!


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