Review: “Royally Endowed” (Royally #3) by Emma Chase

Royally Endowed (Royally, #3)Royally Endowed by Emma Chase

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 stars

This book started a bit muted and although I adore slow burns, in this case I would have preferred Logan and Ellie’s relationship to proceed a bit faster. That being said, the last part of the book, in which they are truly truly together was flawless and had all the elements a reader like me could dream of. There was a bit of angst, easily solved, there was drama, swoon, an epilogue to die for. So it had it all.

One thing I’m not completely sure is whether I did or did not love how much of the story was focused on the previous characters in the series. They are not just mentioned or cammeoed, but are living breathing second characters, sometimes with plot twists even more interesting than the ones concerning the main couple. And even though I’d cut off a limb to have another book about Olivia and Nicholas or Sarah and Henry, I would have probably wanted a bit more of Logan and Ellie as main focuses. But this is just a minor, minor flaw.

As expected, I adored the characters. What was unexpected was the naturalness of Logan and Ellie’s feelings for each other and their subsequent relationship. Out of all the couples, they were the ones I was more suspicious about, with Ellie being younger than him, and Logan being such a stern bodyguard. But with her he reveals another side of him, a warmer, sometimes caveman side of him that got my blood boiling and my heart thawing.

So in conclusion, it was a great romance and I loved how it evolved, but the fast-forward at the beginning, portraying their relationship in the various years… maybe I’m not used to these kinds of things anymore, but it watered down the epicness of it, a bit. I had expected more emotions, sooner. More drama, too.

The style is as usual entertaining, light, and addictive. I’ve been reading every spare moment I could find these past few days because I needed to see what would happen next. All the characters have their own personality but they are all equally funny, from super shy Sarah to “batty” Olivia to the Prince and future King. Seeing these couples together was a sugar injection of the best kind. But unfortunately it made for some comparisons, and Logan and Ellie’s togetherness at times fell short, especially at the beginning.

Still, I would uber recommend it. If you loved the first two you’ll love this one and if you’re new to the series, this book will definitely make you want to dive in the rest.

On a last note, I just wanted to mention a scene. It was a desperate scene and it surprised me, but maybe it shouldn’t have given the author’s masterfulness at tugging at my emotions, how raw and perfect Logan’s desperation and rush towards a certain place was. It wasn’t a log section, just a paragraph or two probably. But hell if I didn’t feel it in my very veins, blood thumping and ears ringing. I was right there with him.


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  1. taliaredhotink says:

    It’s on the 14th of October. It came as a total surprise because I signed up kind of late so I wasn’t expecting to be accepted. I am so excited!!!! I hope to be able to take some pictures, yes. Some of my favorite authors are attending ❤ I cannot wait to meet with Cambria Hebert and Sarina Bowen, and of course Chase!
    Also, I found out I was assigned to Heidy McLaughling, to manage her ticket cue and stuff. Have you read anything by her? I want to read at least one of hers before attending so any recs are appreciated.


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