Review: Forget You Not (A Reclusive Novel) by Harloe Rae

since it won’t let me update the release blitz post with my review, I decided to make a post just with the review. How does that feel, Worpress? Ugh!

Forget You Not (A Reclusive Novel)Forget You Not by Harloe Rae

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Forget You Not is a second chance romance starring one sassy yet insecure Lark and one impossibly charming army veteran Rowen. They met many and many moons ago and while their connection was instant, destiny kept them apart.

I circle back to how dumb it was to gauge Rowen as the ideal man that day. We hardly spoke a word to each other yet I placed him on a pedestal. Our souls bonding. His gaze reflecting the future. My one and only. Barf. How ridiculous.

Now, seven years later, they are thrown together and well, sparks will fly.

Lark was an interesting characters. She’s sassy, witty, and yet vulnerable. What happened with Row shaped her in the person she is not, and made her stop believing in e destiny and soulmate. You could say she’s rather disheartened. I liked how she still hesitated even when they were together. How she wasn’t immediately all in.

Rowen instead never had a doubt. He was all in since the first moment they laid eyes on each other. Their is the insta-love kind of romance, and if for other couples it would seem weird, for them it actually worked. Rowen is also the main chaser of the relationship and I adored how, when at the beginning Lark was only gunning for a hot night to get back at him, he wanted to wine and dine her and treat her like a queen. The adoration this guy has for her is boundless.

“Go to dinner with me?”
“How about we go to my place instead?” Her response is instant, as tough she was anticipating my request.
“Nah. Let me take you out, sweetheart.”

Another bonus was having some Xander and Willow’s scenes. They are the characters from the first instalment and in this one we get to see their happily ever after. Also, I’m not convinced I’ll have to ask the author to plan my wedding, because… swoon.

“Row, I’ve wanted to marry that girl since I was thirteen. I’m ashamed it took me so long, and we wasted years, but whatever. She’s mine now and that’s what matters.”

Even though I liked the first book, I have to admit that Lark and Rowen are definitely my favorite. Their story is less desperate but more relatable, and I have a soft spot for sassy women and alpha men who worship them.

“Ill take care of you and will handle all your needs from now on. No more other guys. No more dates. No more hook-ups. You need to feel good or want some attention, call me and I’ll be there. All you need is to let you guard down and give me a chance.”


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