Review: “Amnesty” (Amnesia #2) by Cambria Hebert

I just realized today is my first blogversary! And what better way to celebrate with the review of a new favorite! So here it goes:


Amnesty (Amnesia, #2)Amnesty by Cambria Hebert

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Cross my heart.
Hope to die.
You will be forever mine



Just wow.

If you have read my review of Amnesia, you know that I liked the first instalment, but that it didn’t steal my heart. Well, Amnesty did the trick. From start to finish I couldn’t unglue my eyes from the pages. The narration was fast, romantic and thrilling.

The story starts right after the end of Amnesia, with Eddie and Amnesia going strong but with still many questions going unanswered.

Something I adored about both these books is that the matter “is she Sadie or not?” was always very ambiguous and had me swaying from yes to no for a long while without ever tipping on one side of the other. Until, of course, when the mistery is revealed in Amnesty.

He acted as if he didn’t even notice being completely dressed in a shower and me being naked.
It was sort of symbolic, though, wasn’t it?
It represented how I always felt with him. Expose. See-through. An open book. Sure, a lot of my pages might be blank, but they were open to him.
And he was clothed, not quite so easy to figure out. Yet as he stood there, becoming more and more saturated, his clothes grew thinner… more sheer.

Another thing that made this book so interesting was a particular dynamic involving Eddie and his being torn into different directions. Never his love for Amnesia wavered, but I could feel his struggle.

So, let’s talk about Eddie. My Eddie. Yes, I’m totally calling dibs.
He’s perfect. If you asked me to build a book boyfriend from scratch, the end result would be exactly like him. There is nothing I would have changed of him. He’s caring to the point of worship, he’s sexy as hell, strong and assertive. But, above all, he’s protective.

“Under no circumstance would I ever, ever let the woman I love, the woman who is literally a piace of me, get in a boat and row herself over to an island where she might or might not have been held captive and abused. I would rather eat glass and shower with a rusty metal sponge. I will protect you this time. I swear.”

You see, this book is definitely darker than anything I’ve ever read by Hebert and his being protective didn’t clash at all with what was happening. It wasn’t over the top, because Amnesia DID need protection. Not in a “damsel in distress” kind, but in a “there’s a mentally ill psycho who wants me back” kind. So yeah, Eddie’s protectiveness was more than warranted.

“I love you. I love you so much I wonder how I breathed before I fished you out of this lake. So much you occupy about eighty percent of my thoughts and all of my dreams. I don’t give a flying fuck if you’re Sadie. I don’t care if you’re the queen of fucking England. It doesn’t matter where you came from or what you name used to be. Please under that, Amnesia. […] Understand that you’re mine.”

As for Amnesia, she’s a strong character. In this instalment she is called to face some parts of her past which would bring anyone to their knees and make they lose their mind. But she is strong, determined, and would do anything to dispel the danger they are all in. Even putting herself in the hot seat and having to sacrifice her peace of mind.

There were definitely some hilarious and swoony scene like the paintball game. Not to talk about some super steamy ones. This book lacked anything.

“You’re my favorite,” I whispered, then kissed her some more.
She giggled, the sound lightening the worst of the heaviness that settled into my chest. “You’re my favorite”

The style is flawless and as usual, Hebert’s portrayal of love is one of my favorites, if not my absolute favorite. It’s respect, sweetness, need, want, tenderness. You can simply feel the adoration the characters have for each other and it’s in every gesture, every word, every little detail in their lives. And it may not be realistic, but it’s exactly my jam.

I poked him in the nose. “It’s light outside.”
He groaned.
I poked him again. “I made you some coffe.”
One eye cracked open.
“I love you.”
Both eyes opened, and I got a smile. “All right,” he caved. “I’m up.”

And last, but not least, the epilogue. You ever live a moment in your life and feel like everything is covered in a golden hue? Like there’s a special warmth surrounding you that is the personification of the affection of your loved ones? Well this is how I felt about Amnesty’s epilogue. It wasn’t just perfect, like a foregone conclusion put there to appease us readers and give us a peek into their HEA. It was the completion of their journey, the golden happiness of unconditional love and being around a loving family. Utter adoration and future promises.

The certainty that beyond the words “The End”, life will go on forever in a perfect happily ever after.

You’re the only one I will climb into a shower for, fully dressed. The only girl I would love an arm over trying to get into your elevator. Yours are the only lips I want to kiss. The only one I reach for when I wake up in the morning. Your body is the only one mine craves.”

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