Review: “Defiant Attaction” by V.K. Torston

Defiant AttractionDefiant Attraction by V.K. Torston

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a great surprise this novella was! First of all, it was longer than your usual novella and it almost read like a novel. Secondly, it had all the elements necessary for a romance.

Let’s proceed with order though.

I cannot believe this is a debut. The writing style is incredible. This novella reads like something a seasoned write might write. There was definitely a poetic touch to it that impressed me. As well as a deep insight in some aspects of human natures that made the reading so much more fulfilling.

Thinking about it, I realize that this isn’t a routine. Not exactly. These aren’t earthquakes to relieve the pressure. There’s a trajectory here, and I consider its arc. They always fought, but a year ago Frank started walking out — disappearing for a day or two at a time. Six months ago Mom started smashing dishes. Frank responded by punching walls. 9-1-1 phone calls from neighbors soon followed. This isn’t inertia; this is acceleration.

The plot per se wasn’t the most original ever, but the “familial” situation was clear since the very beginning and it didn’t bother me at all, especially given how their parents were basically just people sharing a roof.

He gives me one soft kiss like a punctuation mark. A period, or maybe an ellipses. I pull him to me one last time and kiss him deep — an exclamation point.

The drama-llama concerning their wrecked household was a bit of a guilty pleasure, but with enough realism to never come off as trashy.

I really liked the heroine and her constant banter with the hero. I also absolutely adored how it didn’t start like an occasional thing. From the very beginning it was 100% clear that they were indeed together. The clandestine aspect of it and the repercussions were well handled, as well as some external sources of conflicts.

“What are you doing here?”
Dan looks both ways before answering. Two fingers gently pinch the front of my thigh. “I couldn’t wait to see you.”
“Dude,” I hiss. “You can’t be hanging around my high school in your windowless an. It makes you seem like the sort of person who hangs around high schools in a windowless van.”
“This is not a van. This is a panel truck.”
“For all intents and purposes, it’s a perv van.”
“Don’t worry. I think everyone assumes I’m just here to sell drugs”

In conclusion, amazing novella that will undoubtedly have me coming for more. The only small flaw is that I couldn’t get into Daniel’s (the hero) mind as much as I wished I would. He was swoony, supportive, sweet, teasing and hot at the same time. But his personality didn’t shine as much as the heroine’s. Still, I’ve heard the author is actually going to release his pov on the whole thing so I’m sure I’ll get to know him better too.

P.S.: I floved the ending. Usually this kind of situation gets solved in another way, but this for me was waaaaaay better. It was the perfect ending.

Would I recommend it? 100% yes.
And I’ll sure check out future books from this author. If this was just the beginning, I cannot fathom how good her future ones will be

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