Review: “Lovers Like Us” by Krista & Becca Ritchie

Lovers Like Us (Like Us, #2)Lovers Like Us by Krista Ritchie

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I read this book a while ago and never got around to reviewing it.

I’ll also be quick because right now I barely have the time to breathe in my life. So, this book… I definitely liked it more than the first. The stars should still be 4.5 because I loved it but I’m not raving about it and now raving is a requirement for the 5 stars.

Anyway, I adore Farrow and Maximoff. They are such an unconventional couple. Teasing each other, bantering and challenging each other is in integral fun part of their relationship which I totally appreciate.

Also, the plot was very original. The tour, the added stranger danger, their romance which is not so hidden anymore. The way it all evolved felt natural and swoony.

“She said I was moral to a fault and you can be impulsive, headstrong. We’re fucking different but we’re still two superheroes who’d die for each other. In any era, any alternate universe. Like Captain America and the Winter Soldier.

Jane was not as present and honestly, I liked it that way. I’m sooo curious about her and Thatcher, but until that book, I’m glad that here Moffy and Farrow were front and center.

I’ve slept in the same bed with him enough to know that he’s typically bot a cuddler until a couple hours into sleep. It’s a private, personal fact that tabloids would crave and reprint a hundred times. And it’s all mine for safekeeping.

We also have tons of funny moments, like the hot Santa contest or the night in the pub between the guys. I appreciate authors who can manage many characters at the same time. And the Hales, Meadows, Cobalts and bodyguards are like one huge quirky family.

Kudos also for the mystery added to this instalment which had be scratching my head and then bashed upside the nape because I’d been cashing on someone else all along.

Oscar fastens his gaze on me, not able to restrain a smile. “It’s almost growing on me. You two… together.” He bites into his bagel. “Though I didn’t realize you like them young, Redford –”
“You don’t realize a lot of things, Oliveira,” I cut him off, “still, we try not to hold it against you.”

As for style, as previously stated in my first review, the authors truly know how to craft unique characters and stories. Being bored was not an option.

I would definitely recommend it and I’m sure I’ll keep reading books in this series.

“I love you,” he says deeply. “And when you hurt, I hurt.”

“I was thinking that I want a love like theirs, the in-your-face, overjoyed kind of love that knocks you backwards — and what the fuck is stopping me?” I pause. “And I realized the answer is me.”

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